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Bobsled Marketing help brands launch their products and get results faster on the Amazon marketplace.

They work with sellers, vendors, and international Amazon marketplaces. Bobsled also has a team of PPC specialists who optimize Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Sponsored Products campaigns.

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  • Kameron Utter

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Great experience with Bobsled

    What were the positives?

    I felt like Ross and Jesse truly cared about helping our Amazon account grow. It was an interactive experience and I gained so much knowledge that I've been able to implement within our account that has led directly to improved sales.

    Any negatives?



    Quest had a wonderful experience with the Bobsled team! Specifically, Jesse and Ross were great to work with. They were able to answer all of our questions and were as available if we needed anything. We are strategically and confidently launching our brand here soon thanks to Bobsled!

  • dhenig123

    Overall rating

    Bobsled / Kiri Masters seminar in NYC - terrific!

    Kiri Masters did a seminar in NYC and it was very professional, yet comfortable. They provided a better lunch than I expected and the info was great. Plus there was plenty of interaction so my questions all were answered easily. I liked that it was a smaller group - less than 50 and there was good give and take even among the audience. Plus she had a member of Amazon there to help with some insights as to reasons for different things. And the location was perfect - near Penn Station. I'd definitely go again!

  • Janie Bartlett

    Overall rating

    Great PPC Management

    We have been working with Bobsled for over 2 years - they have been running our Amazon PPC. This has given us the time and space to really grow our Amazon business knowing that Bobsled have the PPC totally under control and working so hard for us. In short, they have been a pleasure to work with. We have been working with Stefan on our PPC and he is highly skilled and a pleasure to deal with. Having someone running highly profitable PPC campaigns has allowed us to concentrate on all the other parts of our business and for our business to grow continually year on year. I highly recommend them for any company that needs help with their Amazon PPC.

  • OB75

    Overall rating

    Bobsled: Noelle, Lauren and Danica

    In the last year with Bobsled we've worked with several people, and despite the numerous change-up in our go-to contact person, each of them, most recently Noelle and Lauren (Danica we've been working with for a while and she is fab--always on the ball and makes the complex seem simple) have been consistently awesome and our revved up sales speak for themselves. First was Noelle whose super positive attitude and outside-the-box thinking in terms of strategies such as EBC and reviews and backend key words, etc) breathed new life into our store. We were sad to lose Noelle (who no doubt moved up and into a more comprehensive position) but Lauren has been fantastic in the couple months we've worked with her. She stays on top of any issues we have with Amazon so that we can focus on other aspects of our business. Amazon can be such a headache and Bobsled makes it much more manageable.

  • crossoversymmetry

    Overall rating

    Great Amazon Management

    What were the positives?

    When I have a question, or an issue, they are on it right away and stay on it until it gets resolved. This is such a rarity.

    Amazon is always changing, especially in regards to non-US marketplaces. This becomes a real challenge with setting up stores and products correctly. Bobsled has worked very hard to adapt as Amazon changes and as our company changes as well.

    Any negatives?

    The per marketplace fees add up quick. There should be a better multi-marketplace model.


    The support was excellent. Timely

  • Scott Burson

    Overall rating

    Bobsled Marketing and Jesse Chembers

    My overall experience with Bobsled marketing was really good.

    My assigned Project Manager was Jesse Chembers. I don't know if i have ever met a person with his type of patience. Jesse supported me the whole way through and was able to teach me how to use the program so i can do it myself. I cannot say enough about Bobsled and Jesse. If you ever have a chance to use a marketing agency, Bobsled is the way to go. If you are looking for honesty and quality personal, look no further. Hopefully you will get a chance to work with Jesse.

    Thank you,

    Scott Burson

  • HollystoneInc

    Overall rating

    My Experience with Bobsled

    I chose to work with Bobsled to grow my brand on Amazon because I needed help with the many aspects of marketing, inventory management, customer feedback, listing optimizations, etc.

    My company was assigned to work with Lori Dinkins, who we have worked with now for the past 3 months. From day 1, I have felt like Lori is an actual stakeholder in the business. She actually cares about it as much as I do! She has a very broad understanding of Amazon and what it takes to move the needle.

    More importantly, Lori has helped my brand in ways that I didn't even know it needed. We have sync up calls every couple of weeks for her to report progress, but she is available anytime we need her.

    I have zero reservations in recommending bobsled to anyone wanting to hire a superstar on their team.

  • LXG

    Overall rating

    Continued growth and attention to detail

    We have been Amazon direct vendors for nearly 10 years now and have seen the platform change (visibility, AMS, etc.), requiring additional management.

    Our Bobsled Marketing team is constantly in touch and involved in all pending issues.

    Our AMS campaigns have increased efficiency with the management from our team, as well as resulted in increased sales.

    As being a proactive, involved and informed Amazon vendor for many years, the Bobsled team has complemented our mindset perfectly.

    Looking forward to long term success!

  • uabinc

    Overall rating

    Ideal PPC service for someone who likes to stay involved

    I've had a great experience with the people at Bobsled. They're courteous, professional, and ready to discuss different ideas and approaches to PPC. They're also great about relating to you on a personal level so that you don't feel out of the loop or like you don't have a say in what's going on. I'm not sure they're the ideal service for clients who want to just "set it and forget it" when it comes to PPC, but they're great if you're willing to stay involved and work with them as they optimize your campaigns.

  • amzseller101

    Overall rating

    Terrible Experience-- Took back my business 3-4 months in 1!

    My experience with Bobsled Marketing was spectacularly awful! We brought them in to manage our Amazon Sponsored Ads and Amazon Marketing Services ads for our product line.

    Bobsled might be good for those who like to "set it and leave it" and don't understand the intricacies of how products sell on Amazon, but if you do and have success in highly competitive and saturated areas, Bobsled will be there to screw you!

    When we brought them in, we were selling around $47k a month in revenue with around 3500 sales. Campaigns were at 40% ACOS.

    They assigned me to a PPC Specialist with little training on AMS and not as experienced as I would have liked for the price they were asking per month. I was assigned to a Google Adwords specialist who was trained briefly for AMS and Sponsored Ads! My monthly retainer was enough to pay 75% of his yearly salary according to his rate on Upwork, yet I was one of his many clients.

    He took my sales down to around 2,300 a month and took my revenue down to around $30k a month at it's current rate! He took my business back 3 MONTHS of HARD WORK! I have worked with around 4 PPC specialists and/or agencies during the last two years and I have never seen such terrible results. Our ACOS was at 65% with higher spend and the same if not lower PPC sales.

    AMS sales: AMS was rarely managed. I ended up doing all the AMS management MYSELF because the specialist RARELY checked up on the ads and he did not know how to optimize them. Instead of changing Headline campaigns on a keyword level, he just turned off the campaigns entirely if they were not performing well. When we began, we told him that we wanted to utilize AMS to increase spend and get around a 40% ACOS similar to the PPC campaigns were performing at the start. The PPC specialist offered to run Product Display Ads with Interest targeting (if you don't know what this is, ACOS for interest ads are generally around 5000%, they are the WORST way to spend money on Amazon Ads) with a spend of $1k to start! What?

    When I brought it up with the operations manager, I was immediately "shown off" that I was incorrect. I was spoken to as if I was stupid. It was my fault and apparently according to them I didn't know how to read PPC and AMS data? Excuse me, I started the business at $100 in revenue and grow it to $50k a month on Amazon by balancing all the variables including PPC. I had over three years of industry experience and when I began I did the PPC myself! My AMS campaigns performed better than the ones I was paying for them to manage!

    Instead of finding solutions, they unprofessionally argued with me that I was incorrect and stupid and that everything was going perfect! Maybe for them? Even if I had fired everyone on my team and cut all operations, the profit generated during the one month of their management was not enough to pay just them! Our profit went down 80% A WEEK!

    Save your time, your money, and your business and don't work with Bobsled if you truly depend on Amazon for revenue or understand how the platform works. Their agents have limited training if not any. They overload their agents, charging you for cocktails and delivering water. If you care about the progress you have made with your business thus far, DO NOT WORK with Bobsled.

    1. Reply from Bobsled Marketing

      I'm very sorry that we could not meet your expectations during the month that you worked with Bobsled.
      All the best for growing your business.
      Kiri Masters

  • AMZ Pathfinder

    Overall rating

    Experienced and diverse team with a deep specialty in Amazon

    I have worked very closely with Bobsled owner Kiri Masters and her team for more than a year as an outside consultant assisting their Amazon Advertising Management team. However I can confidently speak to the company as a whole as I know everyone well and have seen them in action. Their dedication, professionalism and consistency in attention to even the smallest minutiae make for an effective combination. Bobsled benefits from the unusual advantage of hiring team members without location constraints which results in a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This includes decades of corporate marketing experience, MBA holders and I believe more than half the company is bilingual!

    As I’ve had direct involvement working with the Amazon advertising management team I can attest to their ability to spur sales growth in brand new accounts but also jump into a large existing account running at full steam with many products and a huge advertising budget and get up to speed quickly to meet client goals. They drive results in both scenarios which is no easy task, and boast a rapidly expanding expertise in the AMS advertising platform in addition to Sponsored Product Ads.

    Perhaps most importantly Bobsled is a company composed of people who follow through with what they say they will do and keep concerns regarding client outcomes front row center.

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