Product Details

ShipWorks is a hybrid cloud and desktop shipping management solution. It can automatically route orders to the correct warehouse based on specified rules, use barcode scanning for most common shipping tasks, and provides unlimited rules and actions for automated shipping decisions.

ShipWorks can compare rates across multiple carriers and mail classes, and has extensive integrations with marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, inventory management tools and more. ShipWorks has its own API so custom integrations can be built.

  • Windows Software
  • United States

Pricing & Trial

Plans range from $49 to $799 per month based on monthly shipments. Larger custom plans are also available.

Trial Length: 30 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • Bonanza
  • Etsy
  • Groupon
  • Newegg
  • OpenSky
  • Overstock Shopping
  • Marketplace
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • ChannelSale
  • GeekSeller
  • Infopia
  • SellerActive
  • Sellercloud
  • SellerExpress
  • Solid Commerce
  • SureDone
  • DHL
  • Endicia
  • FedEx
  • i-parcel
  • OnTrac
  • UPS
  • uShip
  • MailChimp
  • 3dcart
  • AspDotNetStorefront
  • BigCommerce
  • CS-Cart
  • Fortune3
  • LemonStand
  • Magento
  • Miva Merchant
  • Mozu
  • OpenCart
  • osCommerce
  • PayPal
  • Prestashop
  • Prostores
  • Shopify
  • Shopp
  • ShopSite
  • Spark Pay
  • StageBloc
  • Virtuemart
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • X-Cart
  • Yahoo Stores
  • Zen Cart
  • Cloud Conversion
  • Fishbowl
  • Lime Light
  • NetSuite
  • QuickBooks

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66 Reviews

Average overall rating
  • William

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Horrible Customer Service and Support

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    Customer service and Support are SUCKS. App is malfunctioning for over a month and we are stuck with no response



  • Bonnie L McAlpin

    Overall rating

    Terrible customer service

    Do not expect honesty and integrity from this company. Very poor customer service. I would not recommend. Since starting with them in April I have been very dissatisfied with their service. At the end of May I reached out and requested they close my account and refund me for the month of May (I had not used their services), they chose to completely ignored my request. I found out today they had not in fact closed my account down and they charged me again for a second month in a row. I called, nicely explained everything, the customer service rep told me I could go to my bank and file fraud. Absolutely despicable. They have no record of me using their services for the past two months, it's so low of them to refuse to refund me, especially since they have my email from when I requested my account be shut down and I be refunded in May.

  • Charles e martin

    Overall rating

    Help we received from Shipworks was the best!

    What were the positives?

    It helped automate my client's current shipping solution and attention was paid to our every need making it a seamless transition. Thanks to Jake for creating the Doc Tab templates to the client's specifications!

    Any negatives?

    No. Jake was always prompt, friendly and helped navigate us through adding FedEx and UPS to the respective thermal printers. He helped us by creating doc tabs for the labels that the client requested in a timely manner.


    The support was the best! 🙂

  • iPioneer

    Overall rating

    Stellar software company

    I have been working with the tech support team over at Shipworks for over a year now and can honestly say they are the best. Period.

    They always answer the phone and are ready and eager to help. There ability to respond to my requests in a timely manner is what I like most about them.

    And the product itself is so open and adaptable.It seems there is no problem they have not found a solution for.

    If you are looking for shipping solution software - stop right here, you have found it. I can not recommend them enough.


    Overall rating

    Best Customer Service

    In my many years working with third party software I have never received better service that from Shipworks staff.
    Not only is Shipworks the best shipping platform out there, their customer service support is insuperable.
    Their attitude and courtesy is also outstanding
    Our concerns and issues are always resolved with our first call
    We run 7 stores from Shipworks and are very satisffied
    Highly recommended.

  • jmm

    Overall rating

    Top notch service

    The product itself is solid and we are just now implementing. The tools are excellent out of the box, and the flexibility to easily incorporate business rules is key to supporting our objectives of on-time, cost effective fulfilment. However, this review is especially a reflection on the service and support that we received thus far. The team is highly responsive, always helpful and FOLLOWS UP better than you would expect with a reasonably priced SAAS partner. I have engaged with a handful of associates throughout the project, and each has been highly effective and pleasant - sure sign of a best in class service organization.

  • Mark Catania

    Overall rating

    Cut our ordering process time in half

    ShipWorks is a great piece of software. The support is outstanding, very knowledgable and always available by phone to fix any problem. They even customized some features for us and taylored our email and label templates to fit our needs. I could not be happier.

    We use a server based installation of ShipWorks that is accessable throughout our IT network so eveyone works off the same database. The system is rock-solid. It is way more stable than out longtime in market "accounting software".

    This is one of the best SaaS experience I have had since in the e-commerce business. (7+ years). I only wish it was cloud based so we can work remote when needed.

  • Dustin Snow

    Overall rating

    Caring, Knowledgeable, and Helpful

    The Shipworks software has changed our business. We are a small company in the horticulture industry that serves distributors, retailers, and homeowners. During our shipping season we only employ 5 people. With this software we have been able to increase our homeowner sales by 300%. The software makes shipping faster and cheaper than our old method. Shipworks also has the best technical support staff we have ever experienced. Every time we call we receive courteous, knowledgeable and helpful service. We haven't ever had a bad experience with tech support. The cost of Shipworks is minimal compared to the benefit we receive.

  • Josh G.

    Overall rating

    Best Customer Service out there!!

    What were the positives?

    Shipworks is very easy to use! You can customize your main screen to help better assist your business needs. Makes processing orders very simple! The best is the ShipSense!!

    Any negatives?

    Not much!!!


    Best Customer Service out there!! You are never having to wait to get a human customer service on the phone and they will have your issue resolved really quickly!! I love how they remote in and will fix or create whatever you need!! Beats being told how to do it and not really understanding computer terms can be pretty frustrating! Shipworks avoids that for their customers!!

  • batteryship

    Overall rating

    Smooth and rapid transition to a most powerful system!

    What were the positives?

    We had to switch from another service/software in order to be able to print a certain bulk mail label type. We had to literally make the switch within hours of finding out about a new regulation. I had never heard of shipworks prior to that, and so I only dreamed we could get it all up and running for our business and switched over literally within a couple hours. Thanks to great software and support, dream became reality.

    Any negatives?

    Free lunch


    The support was awesome

  • Mary

    Overall rating

    Great Customer Service

    What were the positives?

    The software is user friendly and runs great. I have been using it for six years without a problem. We ship a lot of orders daily and ShipWorks is always ready to go. Any time I have a question or need help with the software, they are quick to answer and resolve the problem. The last time I had a question, they called me immediately and talked it over with me to make sure they understood my problem. The problem was resolved in less than 10 minutes!

    Any negatives?

    No, their service is great.


    The support was excellent. The rep was friendly and very helpful. They are ready to help!

  • yorbelac

    Overall rating

    Shipworks remains top tier multimarket shipping platform.

    Shipworks has been with us since we were eCommerce infants and carried us through 2000 shipments a day without a glitch. The best thing about shipworks for us is the ease and flexibility of filtering. Any cross section of orders by date, market, item, cost, or any other order attribute is easy and available. This platform has cut thousands of hours out of our daily workflow and provides us with any report we need for insight into our performance. The staff at shipworks is extremely knowledgeable, you feel like you're talking to the software developer, makes the learning curve much smoother and easier to absorb the fundamentals of the software. I've had them make a variety of custom reports and exports and they've delivered with dead-eye accuracy and next day speed. As a developer myself Shipworks is a master class in database management and customer interface construction.

  • tim501

    Overall rating


    We have multiple e-commerce platforms (shopify, magento, bigcommerce), and we sell on e-bay, amazon, and new egg. Whenever we have need for a new platform, we have always made sure that it will connect with Shipworks because it has become so pivotal for us, and just about every program has turned out not only to be completely compatible, but ready for immediate setup thanks to their long list of compatible integrations.

    Shipworks has been a fantastic connection with each of these channels. Their automation is outstanding, and incredibly affordable. Their tech support is fast, thorough, and I have had many experiences calling them over the last 4 years. We'll be using Shipworks for a long time.

  • nemix

    Overall rating

    Very professional company, fantastic customer support!

    We have been using shipworks for around 6 years, it is very easy to use and has friendly user interface.
    We are saving a ton of time using this shipping software.
    Very professional and dedicated customer support!
    We are very pleased with the software company and team. They have helped us through questions that we had about their software. The customer service was very friendly and helpful. Each time we contact customer support they provide us with five star service. We cannot see ourselves using any other software other then shipworks. 😀

  • Terence Smith

    Overall rating

    Hi level of Customer Service from Support Staff

    I had a specific report to generate and Mathew S came to the rescue. The dialog began as a simple request for a customized report and quickly became a challenge to get the data set formatted in a specific way. Matthew S would not let this project just die in a big black hole. He kept with me and was diligently patient while I wasn't able to instantly implement/test new iterations to a fix, until we successfully achieved a workable solution. I am highly pleased with his dedication to providing us an impeccable customer service experience. Thank you, Matt.


  • rubyspnt

    Overall rating

    best staff ever!!

    What were the positives?

    easy to use and if you every have any issue, call and they have the best staff ever!

    Any negatives?

    not for me.


    Great Great Great!!! the support team is the best support team that I have ever dealt with. Sometime when I deal with a support team I have someone that I like to deal with but with Shipworks everyone is very very knowledgeable so it doesn't matter who you deal with. if I had a Shipworks t-shirt I would be a walking billboard for them

  • nhubbell2

    Overall rating

    Amazing program!!

    What were the positives?

    Has made life so much easier using shipworks compared to purchasing shipping directly from Amazon.

    Any negatives?

    Best shipping program around. Also it helps us in other areas such as calculating our state sales tax on our Amazon store, making notes about "***" customers that have taken advantage of our company so we know not to sell to them on future orders. Has helped us in so many other ways. I would highly recommend taking the time to let Shipworks customer service show you how to work the program. It may look like a lot to learn at first but after a few days it becomes so simple. Highly recommend!!


    Great support. The support representatives are so helpful and friendly!!

  • milesb

    Overall rating

    Great Product - Great Customer Support

    This is a great service. Shipworks works seamlessly with our ecommerce store. Whenever we have any issues (usually due to something changing on our end) the customer support is always fantastic. They will even log into your account and with your permission will set up a screen share and take control and do any changes that need to be made on your PC. I highly recommend ShipWorks and will continue to use them as long their service stays great! There should be no hesitation with installing and using ShipWorks.

  • candyken

    Overall rating

    Excellent Customer Service

    The Shipworks software itself is excellent and frequently updated - which is important as the shipping comanies keep adding new services. The feature set is good and they actually listen to suggestions for new features. It also integrates well with our shopping cart. The customer service team is extraordinary! Any time we have any issues we get right through to someone who is knowlegeable and pleasant. If they can't answer your question right away, they can remote in and fix it for you. I wish all of our software vendors were as good as them!


    Overall rating

    Shipworks is amazing

    What were the positives?

    The product is what you'd expect from a shipping solution. Has plenty of integrations already available and generic modules that are pretty simple to set up.

    Any negatives?

    I honestly have no suggestions when i did need something a customer service person found me a solution.


    Think all customer support teams should be like theirs, must be a good company to work for they are always nice and very helpful.

  • finlayson

    Overall rating

    Great product and service

    We have been using Shipworks for 14 years. It allows us to ship hundreds of orders fast and with accuracy. Shipworks interface allows us to ship using several different options, comparing prices and estimated delivery times quickly and easily. We have stores on several different platforms and Shipworks allows us to download them into their one interface, and ship them from one central place.

    Shipworks customer service/support people have always been fast and knowledgeable.

    Shipworks is always issuing upgrades, keeping up with new technologies, marketplaces, shipping options, etc.

  • arjackson83

    Overall rating

    The best for us

    Different businesses will have different needs, but Shipworks has been the best for us. We tested Shipstation and some other options before choosing Shipworks, and occasionally since to make sure we still have the best choice available to us.

    For the sake of this review we'll compare a couple things to Shipstation, since that's probably the other most commonly used service. We won't even mention shipping directly through marketplaces, because frankly either service is better than that.

    Shipworks has a few features that edged it out, some key ones to us were:

    -More flexibility in the "rubber stamps" portion of labels as far as order information goes. Shipstation is easier to adjust because it's drop-down based, but Shipworks allows more formatting and data options that are useful to us since we have long SKUs.

    -More control over automatic downloads from marketplaces. With Shipworks you don't have to manually instigate a download to make sure it updates frequently, you can set times to download easily.

    -Local hosting in our experience means easy access to past order information, and easier editing of orders when needed.

    -Lastly, which is huge to us, is how well it works with SkuVault. We love SkuVault and have no intentions of changing to a different inventory software, Shipworks and SkuVault get along perfectly. SkuVault has a very good relationship with them, and can help tweak settings to get the best out of the integration.

  • shipsmart

    Overall rating

    Outstanding Software and Support

    ShipWorks is the best software I have and I can not think my business without ShipWorks. The best software and worlds best customer service. Using it for last 10 years without any problem and they cover every corner of business and super user friendly. They have support for almost every popular shipping channel and carriers. Simply the best.

    We can not think to run our online shipping business without ShipWorks. This software covers a lot of steps and save huge time and human errors which we may do if doing it manually. Always there. Easy to use and any one can use it without much computer knowledge.

    Thank you ShipWorks for your outstanding services.

  • RonsElectronicSales

    Overall rating

    I couldn't imagine NOT using ShipWorks!

    I've been selling online since 2001 beginning with eBay and have moved through a lot of learning stages over the years how to ship my packages more efficiently. Here is what I love most about ShipWorks:

    Amazing Customer Support:

    Their customer support is amazing. Anytime I have a problem I don't have to spend ten minutes identifying myself before a tech can help me. I simply click on a few buttons to bring a box up to enter a PIN number given to me by the tech that allows him or her access to my computer. Every tech I've worked with has been incredibly knowledgeable and has been able to resolve any problem I've had very quickly. This remote control feature is a huge timesaver whenever I need help quickly.

    ShipWorks Provides a Complete Database of My Customers and Orders:

    ShipWorks makes printing shipping labels a snap, but I also love the fact that I have a complete database of all of my customers and orders. That's really helpful if a customer needs support. I can look up orders easily by name, order number, state, city etc. I can do this very quickly while my customer is on the phone with me.

    ShipWorks Integrates Well With Seller Active for Multiple Sales Channels:

    Presently I'm using Seller Active to sell on multiple channels including and Amazon, and ShipWorks integrates smoothly with Seller Active. ShipWorks also integrates with Channel Advisor, which I highly recommend to AVOID, and it integrates well with which is the company I use to purchase my postage. I use all three of these businesses together in one package and it saves me a LOT of time handling orders.

    I could write a lot more positive comments about ShipWorks, but I've mentioned the most important features I use. The software has a lot of other uses and capabilities that I've just not had the time to learn how to use yet. I highly recommend ShipWorks and could not live without it. 🙂

  • Trendy Aparel Shop

    Overall rating

    They meet your needs and more!

    What were the positives?

    Right off the bat, software offers so much. But sometimes you want to make it so that it fits your needs since every company have different needs with their shipping stations. So whenever we have a problem, they had a solution and with their frequent updates, they provide us with new features that'll make our life way easier and faster than ever before!

    Any negatives?

    I would love to have more easy DIY tutorials online so I don't have to reach them everytime I have a problem~


    With their integrated remote support system in the software, basically they're able to fix whatever problem we run into on the spot.

  • 9W Comics Inc.

    Overall rating

    Excellent customer support

    What were the positives?

    The customer support staff is exceptional. This type of service is rare in these times. Customer service is a deal breaker for us and Shipworks is how we wish most companies would operate.

    Any negatives?

    No. I can't think of an instance during my conversation/service call where it could have been improved.


    Excellent. My support representative, TC, gave me a great sense of the type of service and support Shipworks is willing to extend to its customers.


    Overall rating

    Well worth the money!

    Time spent processing orders is cut in half with the ease of use Shipworks brings to the table. The new pricing plan now includes as many stores as you wants so we use it for our online store, eBay and now Etsy. The free account now allows us to ship via any USPS service for our ebay and etsy orders allowing us to be competitive on product pricing with free shipping. We still choose UPS for our online store which is also hassle free.

    Shipworks support is a breeze. Every representative is very knowledgeable and the wait times are never more than a few minutes. The ability for them to remote to the computer through the Shipworks program makes it easy for them to troubleshoot the problem and fix it fast!

    I would recommend this software to any business big or small!

  • WallMonkeys

    Overall rating

    Customizing Templates

    Shipworks support is extremely efficient. They get right to the problem and solve it in front of you so you can see the solution. They remote in to your PC so that you can watch every step and know how to fix the problem if it arises again. Their representatives are super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They know how to please their customers and get them solutions fast! I highly recommend this service to any company looking to get organized through Shipworks. The program offers endless possibilities and support that is always there to help.

  • Chantal Camilleri

    Overall rating

    Holistic Shipping Solution for Multi-Channel Sellers

    We have used Shipworks for many years now and are very pleased with the service. They serve our needs and provide a comprehensive solution that can handle our many platforms. Shipping rules are easy to set to ensure seamless shipments. And we've even been able to modify our software to allow for barcoding and scanning, all the better! Allowing for email server set-up is helpful as well to provide shipping notifications on non-store sales (large group orders, etc). Support team is incredibly helpful and attentive, we never wait more than an hour or two for a response or follow and that's usually a phone call with hands on support. They have been a life safer more than once! Reports could be better but for the most part, our needs are met.

  • barriervt

    Overall rating


    To me,the sign of an exceptional program is that after it`s installed and set up,you simply take it for granted and never give it another thought.That`s Shipworks to a T.After a desktop meltdown and having to use ebay's archaic label printing system i promise to be even more appreciative and never take you for granted again

    Sooooo beyond helpful at initial set up and when random questions have arisen along the way.Within minutes after getting desktop back,was back up and runnin' lean and mean.

    100% satisfied right here right now... THX!

  • Alli

    Overall rating

    Topnotch Customer Service!

    Shipworks is a great program, we use it with ebay and all the information is easy computed between the two programs. The tracking information uploads quickly and the orders are brought into shipworks quickly. Also the customer service is topnotch, they are always happy to help and go beyond to make sure you get what you need done. I highly recommend Shipworks to any ebay, amazon or online retailer. It makes my life 100% easier and again the customer service is quick and they easily solve any questions or problems that arise.

  • snookerbar

    Overall rating

    Fantastic Service!

    What were the positives?

    I have been using Shipworks for over 3 years now. It is not only fantastic software, but when I need to call, I have always contacted a live person to help, even during our Christmas rush.

    Any negatives?

    I can't imagine what could be improved. I love the report feature. Highlight all the orders and instantly print out a product quantities report. Each product compiled with the number ordered of each. Such a great tool for us since we produce our product.
    We also instantly get report for bulk shipping for a client. Highlight their shipments and instantly see what the total cost and number of shipments. Made it easy to invoice my client.


    As I said the support has always been top notch. All representatives have been knowledgeable and solved any requests I have had.

  • Wall Mount World

    Overall rating

    Shipworks saves my company time and money. Easy to use.

    What were the positives?

    In the past we have to spend time on all orders we receive to manually enter them into FedEx. Thanks to Shipworks that step is no longer needed saving us time spent on every order. Time is money

    Any negatives?

    The product integrates great with our illusion store. So nothing to improve


    Like anything new you have a learning curve where the support staff is there to assist. No long waits on the phone like with other companies we tried. I cannot say enough how knowledgeable they are in helping guide you through any issues that arise. From scale of 1 being worse to 10 being best we give them a 10. You will not go wrong by using Shipworks. I highly recommend them for your business as well.

  • Tony Kornrumpf

    Overall rating

    Great Service---The very best. A must for any small busines

    ShipWorks is a great tool for our business. We have saved a ton of time making our shipping process much easier which ultimately saves us money. The shipping labels look professional which is important for the image of our company and brand. They offer free support via phone, email, and chat. We have utilized all of those over the years we have used the ShipWorks service. All are quick, easy, and provide solutions. The agents who work there are kind, patient, and a pleasure to work with. We give this 5 stars. It's worth every penny!

  • Milo Enterprises

    Overall rating

    Best shipping software.

    Nice easy to use. Packing slips can be customized. Works with Walmart like magic.

    UPS Worldship integration trough SQL works perfectly.

    Efficiency of our employees raised dramatically. They are now capable of much higher volumes.

    One thing they could add to Walmart integration is to pull Order status from Walmart. (store status)

    Support is one of the best I ever experienced. I wish all the companies had support like this one. Not a single outsourced individual. Professional and ready to help now!

    Thank you.

  • glaspak

    Overall rating

    Superb product

    What were the positives?

    It saves time, provides a great history and adapts to changes in weight and dimensional weights.reports are easy to compile.

    Any negatives?

    Always ...but it is the best product we have used so far.


    They are responsive to any problems we have encountered. Worked through a computer crash we had and got us up and running in less than an hour.

    We have tried other programs ... by far this is a superior product.

  • Susan0505

    Overall rating

    Great Customer Service

    What were the positives?

    Great Customer Service ... was patient, knowledgeable and went above and beyong.

    Any negatives?

    Everything was done correctly and the best that could be done under the circumstances.


    😀 The support was FANTASTIC ... like talking to a friend and someone that can talk to me so I can understand!

    Great service, like ShipWorks and what it does for us (not complicate and easy to operate and make changes). GOOD GOOD GOOD

  • Joy Woodruff

    Overall rating

    Karla with Shipworks Went Above and Beyond for us. Thank you

    What were the positives?

    Karla went out of her way to make sure our account was set up properly and was working prior to hanging up with us.

    Any negatives?

    No it was Perfect!


    Support was Superb! We ran into a couple hiccups while trying to do it all ourselves with Amazon Seller Prime services and shipworks API. Karla got on the line and was very friendly and took her time getting everything configured properly for us. Thank you for the great customer srevice, you don't find too much of that these days. Customer Service.. such a novel idea. Customer Service Come to life with Karla at Shipworks.

  • Online Marketplace Seller

    Overall rating

    ShipWorks Server Outages A Persistent Problem

    What were the positives?

    Nice and polite customer support

    Any negatives?

    Time to upgrade your server or buy a backup server already:!:


    ShipWorks is a good software if you sell leisurely on a part-time basis. It is not a reliable software for serious sellers looking to build good positive feedbacks on Amazon or eBay because of the persistent ShipWorks server outages. Although the software runs locally, it has to get approval from ShipWorks server when each order is processed. So, the software cannot process any order when ShipWorks server is down, which happens a few times a year usually during peak times. Their server was down again most of today so we could not get most of our orders processed despite our best efforts and rushing at the end of the day. Now, we are worried that we might get negative feedbacks as a result of not shipping the packages on time.

    Support staff were polite and apologetic when their server is down.

  • RickH

    Overall rating

    Patient, available live human reps

    What were the positives?

    Been using for over 10 years. They keep improving ("cheapest way" option to quote shipments) and are SUPER responsive with software/update/glitches/issues using their software. Latest example: issue with my web store, and issue was ot resolved as the web store was not providing proper info. CSR kept my info and is getting back to me when solved (which will be the next day)

    Any negatives?

    Now that you ask, Yes, they could have sent me a Pepperoni Pizza


    Fantastic, best support I have received from the 6 different cloud based software companies with whom I contract

  • sagarpise5

    Overall rating

    Provide warehouse processing service

    You guys provide good warehouse processing service. I like auto address correction, label, invoice and other template printing, CAN create own customized template

    If it is available in mac and Linux(Specially Ubuntu) this will help a lot.

    Support was good, they solve our technical issues.

    Still need more online documentation because most of document do not cover all features that you developed.
    You did not mansion what is maximum length of item(product) name, supported character set(restricted special characters)

  • Josh Kalter

    Overall rating

    Shipworks Works!

    When we finally added Shipworks to our eCommerce business we were able to free up a tremendous amount of time that we had spent fulfilling orders. The software is easy to use. However, most of all, any time we have a question the customer service team is very accessible by phone and easy to deal with and very helpful.

    As we added to our product line the set up of new shipping parameters was also very easy.

    They also helped us set up so that we could bill a 3rd party for shipping expense.

    We highly recommend.


    Overall rating

    ShipWorks is One of my BEST Business Decisions

    We have used ShipWorks for over a decade now and could not imagine life without it. ShipWorks simplifies aggregating orders from multiple selling channels (Amazon, Ebay, Miva Merchant, Shopify, etc..) and handling the entire shipping process for all orders. It also uploads the required shipping information and order status to each selling channel.

    Also has remote accessing capability that connects remote users to connect and connect to the main working database. This is very useful for customer service and accessing order info for all orders.

    When I first started we were cutting and pasting address fields, amazing how far since then.

    ShipWorks' Customer service is great and I cannot stress how much this program will improve your business Mojo if you are on multiple selling platforms. Try it out...

    Ray from

  • Hav7979

    Overall rating

    Without a doubt the best support in the industry.

    This is one of the only shipping software programs that will print labels for standard envelopes. It handles all the major selling interfaces. I have ebay, Amazon and Magento and they all work faultlessly. It also handles shipping to Canada and APO without:): any issues. And if you have any issues at all the support staff just takes control of your computer and they are fixed. I have never had to wait on hold over 5 minutes for support and they have always fixed my problem with the first call. Without a doubt the best support in the industry.:)

  • Mike K

    Overall rating

    Shipworks is the Bedrock of our Ecommerce.

    We sell on Amazon and a score of other markets. We require a shipping platform that can integrate all the markets and perform 100% reliably.

    Shipworks Excels at reliability and integrates with every market that we have even considered. We also have a subscription to ShipStation, but we only use them when we need to ship with a specialty carrier, because of the ease of use and quality of care in shipworks.

    Whenever we have an issue, getting a rep on the phone is a quick and painless procedure. They speak English fluently(I think they are in Texas) and they know their stuff.

    Thank you Shipworks for helping us grow %200 in the last 3 years.

    Mike K

  • help222

    Overall rating

    The best option that we have found

    What were the positives?

    We have been with Shipworks for over 10 years. About every other year, we evaluate a competitor and consider switching. Every time, we have concluded the Shipworks is the best option for us.

    Processing speed: Excellent. We process orders quickly and efficiently. If you are an Amazon seller, make sure that you ask Shipworks to set up and hourly upload of Amazon data. When we first started, uploads were done at the same time the order was processed. This really slowed things down at times.

    Packing slips: You have to know CSS to customize the packing slips. Or, can contact Shipworks and they can do it for you.

    Order management: We have set up Shipworks with several buckets for orders. When a new order comes in, we know right away which ones need work first.

    Employee training: I have found that most employees quickly understand Shipworks and can start processing orders.

    Any negatives?

    Shipworks needs to be able to remember the last shipping settings used for orders. They do remember the weight, just not the other settings. This would really help.


    When you get someone on the line, the support is outstanding. I can't think of a time when I didn't get complete resolution to my problem on the first try. Of course, when you are down, the minutes pass like hours. I can't remember a time when we weren't up and running again on the same day we had the problem.

    Note: Make sure Shipworks sets up a database back up to run each day - we point ours to an external drive. That way, if you have a problem with the program or the computer, you can be up an running again very soon. Just download the software again and install. When you are doing the install, shipworks will ask if you have a backup database. We are on our fourth PC running shipworks. This is really great when you are setting up a new computer, as nothing really needs to be saved/transferred from the old computer. Just install and update and you are ready to run.

  • velomine

    Overall rating

    The best shipping software with amazins support!

    We have been using ShipWorks for many years now. It is a vital part of our business for shipping and invoicing. I'm writing a review because the support at ShipWorks is really amazing. Someone answers the phone every time and they can always solve issues within in a few minutes. I think it is rare for a company of this size to actually have a person pickup the phone and speak with you. There is no recording or voice activated prompts to go through to get a person on the line. They simply answer the phone and help the customer. The support from this company is the best!

  • BlingYourBand

    Overall rating

    Shipworks has always had great support

    We have been using Shipworks for about 6-7 years. It is easy to use with our Magento store and is very quick. 99%+ up-time. Occasionally there are hiccups that generally are caused by SQL server, and I experienced an episode two days ago after about two years of no issues.

    I called and figured out an immediate work around with the support person. Later they called me back and remotely fixed the issue. So I was able to ship each day.

    You feel powerless when you can't ship and you can't fix it yourself, and shipworks has always been great about solving the problem quickly.

  • Wayne G

    Overall rating

    Integrated shipping for web based sales

    What were the positives?

    Lets you see and compare shipping sources in one location with just a few clicks.

    Any negatives?

    The site is very intuitive and very complete. Especially for something that can get as complex as shipping. It would be nice to be able to "split" orders for those times when it is best to ship a line items into 2 or more separate shipments but it is pretty easy to create a duplicate manually when needed.


    Support is the best. I have never experienced the "troubleshooting out of the book" approach when contacting support. Always get to talk with a professional that understands the software.

  • Brian Hodges

    Overall rating

    Productivity solver

    What were the positives?

    We have 6 e-stores and Shipworks has allowed us to consolidate all of the orders and be able to ship from one platform. Saves us hours a week having everything in one location. We are even able to have multiple shipper options with shipworks and quickly see price comparisons.

    Any negatives?

    Nothing that I can recommend at this time.


    Support staff is efficient, reliable and very capable. Give them a vague description of the problem and they are able to solve. If they need to remote into your computer and solve, it is done quickly.

  • jrogers81

    Overall rating

    The best support staff in the business!

    What were the positives?

    I needed the program to fulfill a very specific purpose for a startup company we are helping to manage. This wasn't a boiler plate type of solutions I needed, and something that many companies just do not support because it's not common. However, ShipWorks staff was able to modify and adjust their current software to fulfill my needs perfectly.

    Any negatives?

    The only thing the software couldn't do was "automate" emailing a return shipping label whenever an order was placed. Again, this is a very limited niche in the marketplace so I can't imagine there would be much of a demand for such a feature besides myself and a handful of other people. However, they set it up to where it's just 1 click and the label is sent. Another option would be a mobile app for the software, but I'm sure something as robust as this would have quite a hard time fitting onto a mobile application.


    I can't say enough about the support staff. I've dealt with hundreds of companies in the shipping / ecommerce game in my career and I've never experienced anything like I did with this company. Every single problem I had - no matter who I talked to - they were genuinely excited to help me find a solution to my problem. I still am in sort of disbelief and the amount of effort this staff put into my account (even when I was on a free trail in the beginning and they weren't making a dime off me). They do not outsource their customer service either, so you're always talking to someone stateside who can communicate clearly. A ton of fortune 500 companies could learn from how this staff operates, 10/10 in every way.

  • 3dluxe

    Overall rating

    Saves hours of time. Easy to use. Excellent Customer Support

    What were the positives?

    Very East to use. Saves Hours of time on shipping. Cost is not bad in price.

    Any negatives?

    🙂 no.


    The support is the best. They take time with you and set everything up. They log into your computer to make sure it is up and running.

    Overall Shipworks is a great tool if you ship from multiple stores. You can use USPS, UPS, Fedex and all from one account. It also pull orderds from stores and upload tracking numbers.

  • nuderiot

    Overall rating

    First time user and set up process

    8)On my 30 day trial and not even a full fledged customer yet but they continue to help me set up the process in detail hoping that I become permanent. I intend to do so just based on their CS!!! Very happy with the product, ease of use and the scaleability for future tasks. I am able to customize and control everything from their control panel to the point that I really no longer need to log into my store and make any updates or follow orders. I came from TrueShip and after 3 years with them I found a more robust and easier to use platform.

  • jc_jc

    Overall rating

    Best shipping tool for online sellers

    What were the positives?

    Rock solid and stable performance shipping tool that integrates with my Miva Merchant stores and Amazon Seller Central since year 2004

    Any negatives?



    I have been using Shipworks for over 10 years.
    They know what "customer support" is from the customer's perspective.
    Any technical issues I had in the past were resolved in very timely manner.
    I would highly recommend ShipWorks for any online merchants.


  • Katrina

    Overall rating

    Their customer service is AWESOME! THEY KNOW THEIR STUFF!


    We came to Shipworks to print a large number of FED EX labels because FED EX didn't offer a software that would help us. We didn't want to spend all day printing labels. We were able to modify our spreadsheet to your system so we got 300 FED EX labels printed in like 10 minutes!

    You definitely market that because I know there are others in the same situation as us, needing a lot of labels and don't have time to do it one by one.
    Thanks so much!

  • randomuser

    Overall rating

    Shipworks is OK at best. Falling behind by the competition.

    What were the positives?

    OK product but Shipworks is falling behind the competition. With more and more products being offered in this category, they'll need to step up or become irrelevant.

    Any negatives?

    Less crashing, more carriers, more partners, ability to view multiple carrier's shipping rates at once without having to use the drop down menu. Shipworks should also consider integrating an inventory system.


    Shipworks is OK at best. Falling behind by the competition.

    The support was basic.

  • Len905

    Overall rating

    ShipWorks manages shipping and order/customer database

    We have been a ShipWorks client for over 10 years. We love it. ShipWorks is our "back room" for all the orders we ship from our 2 stores. We have all the data on all orders and customers from the very beginning of our adopting the ShipWorks platform.

    The customer service they provide is the very best. When we need assistance we first look at the FAQs or send them an email trouble report. They answer immediately and in most cases our problem is solved within hours.

    Their updates are easy to install and the database is always kept current.

    Using ShipWorks we get the very best rates on USPS and package insurance (when we need it) at very reasonable rate.

    We ship approximately 150 packages a month and use USPS and FedEx.

  • luxurydivas

    Overall rating

    Solid Shipping Platform that Only Gets Better

    This product stands head and shoulders above all the other shipping aggregates on the market.

    Great customer service, and definitely responsive to our growing companies needs.

    Their team is always willing to help whenever we need it. They have many different shipping suppliers that they seamlessly integrate with which makes shipping our diverse line of products a breeze. We have been customers for 6 or more years, and do not plan on leaving any time soon. The staff is courteous, the service is reasonably priced, so we are happy customers.

  • Magnet4Less

    Overall rating

    The best e-commerce shipping software bar none!

    We have been with shipworks for 8 years now. I don't know how we would have managed without out it. It handles 4 of our online stores any makes working a breeze rather than a nightmare.
    Downloads the orders from each store...can be set to print them out automatically.
    Connects directly to UPS or to make the shipping label.
    So much better by far than the clunky and slow worldship.
    In 8 years we have had only a couple of minor problems and their tech support was able to solve and correct the way you would expect an expert to do.
    Can't say enough to praise this software as it just is phenominal!!!

  • sheg123

    Overall rating

    Don't know how we got along without Shipworks!

    Shipworks estimates it will save around 45 minutes per day over manual shipping. With us it is easily 2 hours a day! You can configure your invoices and options so many ways, this can be exactly right for any type of business! And our business is far from typical! I am so happy I got Shipworks. I do not know how we managed without it. We should have gotten it sooner.
    Add to that top notch support, I could not be happier!

  • Speak Freely

    Overall rating


    We were previously going manual and exporting spreadsheets from a variety of sales channels into UPS Worldship, Indicia, etc. ShipWorks has saved us hours each day. Even though we are also now using Brightpearl for some management functions we still use Shipworks to handle all shipping and tracking upload to all of our sales sites and channels. We have put up a forum site to discuss Shipworks and Multi-Channel Commerce solutions at

  • Joseph

    Overall rating

    OK but missing some critical functions

    Most of the other reviews are pretty accurate so I just give some basic Pros and Cons from my experience with Shipworks.

    -Speed and interface is beautiful. It take seconds for me to lookup old orders as their DB is very robust.
    -So many customization.

    -Weight by SKU is not built in.
    -Does not handle international orders well. Actually, I have to reprint them multiple times because Shipworks keep choking on them.
    -Not very user friendly. Learning curve is quite step IMO.
    -No Pick List
    -No reporting feature.
    -Not enough built-in off the shelf features. I don't want to customize everything. Just give me some standard features so i don't have to waste time customizing it.

    All in all, the cons are dealbreakers for me so I am no longer a Shipworks customer. It is not a bad solution if you require lot of customization and don't mind the learning curve.

    1. Reply from ShipWorks

      Thanks Joseph for providing the valued feedback. We're sorry to hear about your less than ideal experience with our software.

      It seems there is some confusion around our product. The ShipWorks support team would be happy to work with you directly to train on features and ensure ShipWorks functions exactly to your liking!

      ShipWorks automates item weights as they are sent/downloaded from the order source/shopping cart system.

      ShipWorks handles international orders automatically and easily, batches of up to 1000 with one mouse click.

      ShipWorks has built in pick list (and many other stock reports), try the "Items by Name" report.

      Reporting in ShipWorks is extremely robust and infinitely customizable.

      It seems the dealbreakers are luckily just misunderstandings?! We'd be happy to work with you directly to aid in any customization and/or training you may need. After all, we do provide FREE TELEPHONE SUPPORT! (US technicians based in our St Louis Office.)

      Hope to hea...

  • Archie

    Overall rating

    Amazing easy to use time saving shipping software

    I currently use Vendio to list my items on eBay and would like to for Amazon but there is a bug there that they have not fixed for months.

    Shipworks is "bugless" software. Here's some of what it does:
    1. click one button and all the shipments download for amazon and ebay.
    2. the orders are numbered by shipworks making them easy to find and organize.
    3. great search function.
    4. link to ebay and amazon item so you can quickly verify the item being sold.
    5. thumbnail of item on printed order form.
    6. fast upload of orders from Paypal payment. sometimes this does not work at all on vendio.
    7. sends emails to customers with updated direct link to their order.
    8. awesome customer support. they logged into my computer and 10 minutes later they had customized it the way I wanted and got all the settings right.
    9. did not charge for other issues that came up and quickly responded 90% of the time. and to do some of the fixes they saw that logging into my computer remotely would be easiest and did so in a few minutes.
    10. very nice look and feel to the software. intuitive to use.
    Well thought out software. Very nicely done.
    11. prints out notes customers have requested for items. this is a big deal sometimes as customers ask for no invoice in box sometimes for gifts. Vendio does not do that.
    12. This software blows away endecia.
    13. many other small things that are just nice touches and show careful though and insight into what users would need.

    I can print a label usually in seconds. type in the weight and click print. Some may question buying software just for shipping. I can process 30 orders in 30 minutes including putting on their labels. amazing.

    Things I'd like to see that are currently not available:
    1. does NOT tell you when you void an item that you will be refunded. this needs to change.
    2. no easy way to see how much you've been charged for shipping.
    3. easy way to ship items that have not been imported by ebay or amazon. (things I sell on my own store). be able to cut and paste address in one field similar to endecia setup.

    Thank you very much Shipworks. I only wish Vendio was as thoughtfull as you are in their programming.

  • bdjolie

    Overall rating

    Great tool, but I was hoping for more!

    Wow! Awesome, user-friendly, and easy-to-use tool. It definitely streamlines the shipping process for so many.

    Without a doubt... Shipworks is the first shipping tool that really works, and actually works well with FedEx. I love how it retrieves the customer's shipping information and automatically inputs 999-999-9999 for missing phone numbers. This really saves me a lot of time, and of course, I save a lot of time not having to copy and paste my shipping information into FedEx's site. Additionally, it simplifies the whole FedEx process for package input and integrates beautifully with PayPal. I also like how all my FedEx shipments are automatically marked 'Shipped' within My eBay interface since I do some auction management there.

    It provides a lot of back-end auction management features like printing packing slips and sending out email shipping confirmations.

    This is a robust tool that is worth every penny!


    - I just wish Shipworks had the ability to confirm shipping addresses before processing shipping labels.

    - Another wish is that it would integrate directly with USPS shipping "printing & billing" vs. "just printing" a label. I know it integrates with Endicia and, which provide the "printing & billing" service. However, I am not a member of either service because I use FedEx most of the time and can't justify paying their fees. Therefore, I wish Shipworks would fully integrate with USPS directly or indirectly via PayPal.

  • Zachary Piech

    Overall rating

    FANTASTIC - recommended without any reservations.

    We started out by processing all (eBay Platinum power seller zachary0fec ) orders via PayPal, which took 1-2 minutes per order. After reaching 100-200 orders per day, we were simply overwhelmed. In fact, I don't know why we didn't look at shipworks sooner.

    Shipworks reduced order processing time to an average of about 10-15 seconds per order (or 6-8x faster). With more optimization of our process, we could reduce this time further.

    At this point, I've used the software for over a year. I'm looking into a new ecommerce site BASED ON what Shipworks supports. It is an integral and required part of our business.

    As an added testimonial - they added a feature to the software that we had requested that simplified inventory tracking for us. Tech support (phone, chat, message board and email) have always been excellent. For anyone who has experienced eBay or PayPal support - Shipwork is the exact opposite. They're simply fantastic.

    I recommend Shipworks for your eBay or ecommerce business without reservation.

  • BananaGuy

    Overall rating

    ShipWorks was an answered Prayer!

    Every Christmas season, no matter how fast we packaged the orders, the creating/printing of shipping labels always took forever. We spent hours & hours copying/pasting customer names & addresses back and forth, not including the shipping errors and mistakes due to typos.

    Now it only takes 3-4 mouse clicks and a few SECONDS and we're DONE. What took me HOURS now literally takes a SECONDS. It's so riduculously easy and simple, somedays I still marvel at how this could even be possible.

    ShipWorks = downloads my orders & prints the packing slips (takes 1-2 mouse clicks), prints the shipping label & emails the customers their tracking #'s (takes 2 more mouse clicks) = 3-4 mouse clicks, whether you have 1 order or 1000 orders. Do you know how long this would have taken me prior to Shipworks? HOURS!

    I swear, this is the absolute easiest program ever created, if you know how to use a mouse then you know how to use ShipWorks. I don't think I even use much of the keyboard once I setup the templates and defaults. Tech support is awesome, there were times when they helped me during some really late night ours on the template designs and basic troubleshooting.

    I could not live without ShipWorks, ever again, I would pay double or triple the $$ cost. Besides the inventory itself, ShipWorks would be the second most important asset.

    ShipWorks is just awesome, plain and simple.

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