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Seller Assistant App is a Chrome Extension that integrates into Amazon product pages and displays information including FBA fees, brand restrictions, sales rank and more.

It allows sellers to analyze current and historical data, estimate sales and profit, check stock levels, add notes, and save the results to Google Sheets.

The IP Alert system uses a database of past infringement claims to show if intellectual property complaints are likely.

  • Chrome Extension
  • Worldwide

Pricing & Trial

Free limited plan available. Paid plan is $15 per month or $100 per year.

Trial Length: 14 days

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    Ease of Use

    The best listing analysis and research solution for online arbitrage, wholesale, dropshipping.

    What were the positives?

    1. Allows you to do research much faster.
    2. Save deals to Google Sheets in one click.
    3. Autosave history of listing visits.
    4. The teamwork of several researchers is possible.
    5. Provides the most complete information on all parameters: the number of sales by variations, estimated profit, stock counts.

    Any negatives?

    1. The history of visited listings of other team members is not yet available.
    2. Search by image for the research is not implemented.


    To be honest, I'm a fan of the app. I write to the author of the plugin about what I would like to add. For example, Oleg promises to eliminate the described shortcomings in new updates.

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