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CrazyLister is listing software for eBay and Amazon sellers.

Sellers can list inventory on eBay and Amazon in bulk, and manage all listings from one place. CrazyLister has over 200 eBay listing templates, which are customizable using a drag-and-drop editor. Templates are mobile responsive and compliant with eBay policies.

CrazyLister can also be used to quickly expand from Amazon to eBay.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • Worldwide

Pricing & Trial

From $25 month

Trial Length: 7 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All eBay Websites
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Codisto Xpress Lister
  • Ecomdash
  • inkFrog
  • Kyozou
  • Linnworks
  • Sellbrite
  • Seller Dynamics
  • Sellercloud
  • Solid Commerce
  • SureDone

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Ease of Use

  • Satish

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Easy to use

    What were the positives?

    You can create and apply listing template in no time

    Any negatives?

    Prices is too high compare to other solution


    I was using widgetchimp and I switched to this app. So far I am satisfied with it.

  • Jordan W

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Couldnt recommend a better listing template tool - Premium service

    What were the positives?

    The templates are really easy to use and you can give your listings an incredibly professional look.
    The staff were great and always on hand to help. Even spent time helping me with my template to ensure it looks the best it could. Very friendly service also.

    Any negatives?

    This is rare but no problems or negatives at all over the past two years.


    Amazing service for great value. Couldn't recommend an easier more professional tool.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    If only everything could be as simple to use.

    What were the positives?

    With no training in web software and crazylister not presuming we have technical skills.
    It’s a breath of fresh air to use a company that build a platform that is so simple to use, and actually have support that are responsive and actually care to help with any Questions
    I’ve not used there platform in months but when designing new item descriptions pages and implementing,
    I’ve no apprehension within minutes we’re totally at home with the software, the tools and navigation are a simplified and a dream to use.

    Any negatives?

    No negatives
    Just positives, they’ve now added Amozon which we’ll be now implementing in the near future


    Simple software from a firm that actually care about the work they do.

  • Bex

    Overall rating

    Crazy listers is a awesome tool for sellers

    What were the positives?

    Instrumental in getting my pages to look professional and boost sales. There team is in constant contact and really helpful with all inquires. I would suggest anyone to give then a try and won't regret it. The graphics and indesign competes with professional graphic artists all included.

    Any negatives?

    Perfect service


    The support was really attentive and helpful. Really appreciated the fact they created in minutes a template for my unique products.

  • Robbie Holmes

    Overall rating

    Top notch stuff

    We opted for CL so we could manage lisings for all our stores from the one place, the interface is easy to navigate, and the templates are really professional too, but the biggest factor for us is the ongoing customer support, you get real people who know what they are talking about and are always patient and courteous any time we need help, sometimes even when its not even a CL related problem!
    Cant praise them high enough, weve been there from the start and the support alone was worth any fees, keep up the good work and big thanks to the team there once again

  • Daisy Dietrich

    Overall rating

    Excellent Service From DIN

    After an employee left our company we were locked out of our Crazy Lister account since he had set it up and hadn't shared the password before leaving.
    I reached out to Din and he was extremely helpful and understanding about the issue.
    We love working with Crazy Lister. The platform is very user-friendly and simple to make templates with. The cost is reasonable and using the site has increased our sales thanks to the more professional look of our Ebay listings.
    A+ experience all around! We will continue working with them.

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      Thank you so much @Daisy Dietrich

      We're very happy to know that you are happy - that means the world to us! It's wonderful to hear about the improved sales you have experienced as well, thanks for sharing!

      As always, don't hesitate to reach out should there be anything else we can help with. Our support team is always ready to help! 😀

  • farmerssolutions

    Overall rating

    Terrible - I hope your experience differs

    What were the positives?

    Their initial customer service was pretty good.

    Any negatives?

    Yes, the whole thing could be better. They badger you after a while, I was trying to get a refund and they wouldn't do it.


    The support was terrible.
    Terrrible experience
    Terrrible experience - If you can avoid them, consider doing so.

    Their main problem is that their templates belong to them, even if you make one up from their templates and pay for the right to use it, you have to pay each month, in excess of 150usd per month to keep the templates. If you don't they do their best to extort you by putting their banners and annoying images on your listings so that you have to pay. Words can't describe how useless this service is. Consider elsewhere.

    This has been a long standing saga, the business operators, when i mentioned a refund 3 months plus back, would not offer one. Now, i have posted my review on here, they were happy to entertain the idea of refunding me, if i took down the review. That seems to me to be poor business practice - they had months to provide the refund i requested and wouldn't do it. Now they will. But i have to take down my review. I value the ability to inform the general public about business that don't measure up, both in their services and their subsequent actoins.

    They say it's how someone handles their complaints that count and this business has, instead of taking the review on and trying to alter some aspect or grow as a result. They have chosen to report (on TrustPilot) it to try and take it down. if they take it down, another one will appear in it's place. I feel it's important to inform prospective users of my experience with Crazylister. I, personally, would never use them, they may suit your needs, I don't know. Just be careful and exercise a little caution.

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      Hi Adam, thank you for the review.

      We certainly welcome all feedback - the good and the bad. Yet we are sad to see that your feedback is based on a misunderstanding of the service provided by CrazyLister.

      CrazyLister is a full listing and template management platform. Our plans are subscription-based, offering monthly and annual billing, with a range of pricing starting at $25/month for small sellers.

      After knowingly subscribing a monthly subscription in order to use the templates on your listings, you had cancelled the subscription a month later and assumed that a single monthly charge was sufficient to "buy" the template design. Nonetheless, we do not sell individual templates, we offer a service, hence the subscription-based plan structure.

      Given that you had kept the templates on your listings beyond the cancellation, the templates were no longer associated with a valid subscription and stopped working.

      Your expectation to use the templates without the monthly payments led to extended trials being offered as we spoke to clear up your misunderstanding. A refund was ultimately offered as an exception to our 30-day money-back policy in order to end things on a good note.

      We are very grateful for your interest and desire to use the CrazyLister templates to improve the look and sales-conversion of your listings, yet saddened that the plan and pricing wasn't to your liking.

      As always, just reach out should there be anything else we can help with! 🙂

  • ukapis

    Overall rating

    You can create professional Templates. Fantastic Support

    What were the positives?

    The templates are fantastic. You can create professional templates easily for your products. Fully Responsive Layout. Image Hosting and Background Removal can make your listing look even better. Also they provide a variety of objects and icons.

    Any negatives?

    Don't know.


    The support is fantastic!!! They know how to help you with every issue. With my first template they have done all the redesign for me (fixed all my mistakes).

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      Hey @ukapis ,
      Thank you so much for the feedback!

      We will always do everything we can to help. Happy to hear you're enjoying CrazyLister! 🙂

  • Van Winkle

    Overall rating

    Intuitive, fast and makes creating listings way more fun.

    Plenty of great, very professional looking templates, which are easy to modify, even with your own photos. Smooth and intuitive user interface too.

    Also, I really appreciate the ability to add more than the regular 12 photos.

    Plus allows listing from one user interface to other eBay sites besides US, which is a great plus is you're selling internationally.

    They're probably still on their way to greatness, but as it is, it's already well worth the monthly price tag, if you're at all serious with selling on eBay.

    Oh, and last - but NOT least - the support folks always answer in a jiffy, and never cease to be friendly and helpful. That's not a small detail either, when one is accustomed e.g. to the copy-pasted generic replies you usually get from eBay support.

  • TurgayBaran

    Overall rating

    Amazing Products That’ll Make Your Life Easier

    I've been with CrazyLister almost over a year now, Excellent Customer Service acknowledging customer's question in a timely manner. solving these issues and problems promptly, or at least executing a reasonable plan of action, Great Communication, especially Thank you (Din) for solving issues promptly thats why i see huge benefit to stay with you for my business The Templates are Amazing easy to navigate and has very powerfull tolls to be able to create your own design one of the best product for Ebay business ofcourse i cant stress enough the Customer Services Team makes you feel a very valuable customer, any issues they will do anything to help you.

    From a Very Happy Customer 🙂

    Thank you all for the awsome work

    1. Reply from CrazyLister


      Thank you for your kind feedback. Stay tuned for some cool features that will come soon 8)

      Happy Selling!!!

  • rchlfwctt

    Overall rating

    So simple to use

    I've used this product for a couple of years now and love it, it's so easy to use with its drag and drop and click to use items. The support team are great and very helpful if you get stuck or things are not working.

    The only improvements I can think of would be:
    to be able to store my templates in alphabetical order or date / number order.
    to have mobile view and desk top view linked so that the mobile version is made automatically from the desk top view, to save having to manually make both.

  • Kuang.zhang

    Overall rating

    Great Product, Simple to use

    What were the positives?

    The product is pretty intuitive, easy to navigate. The product allow us to pull all of our eBay stores in one place. We can create new listing quickly with the duplication features. Marketing can create templates quickly for seasonal refreshes. In addition, I can search through my listing store by store in one interface and make changes. In short a great time saver.

    In addition, the only support is 2nd to none.

    Any negatives?

    Some of the features are missing from their software.
    1) Bundle Listing
    2) Sync with Ebay to remove listings - This is where online come in handy


    I have 20 cloud software and by far crazylister support stands head and shoulders above them.

  • Eagles Fashion Emporium

    Overall rating

    Sales doubled in one month! Amazing customer service

    What were the positives?

    It just looks great, easy to customise. Very easy to apply on all your listings in one go. I usually edit my listing template a few times a day with the newest products and this takes me a few minutes! The cross-selling gallery works very well too. I often sell items that are featured on this that have been in my inventory for a while so this tool is great!

    Any negatives?

    Not much to be honest! Maybe that the cross-selling gallery doesn't update automatically once something has been sold from it, or prices have changed. I would also like the option to choose the products that go in the cross-selling gallery myself.


    The support is just out of this world. Extremely helpfull, friendly, the best!

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      @Eagles Fashion Emporium
      Thank you for your kind feedback.

      Happy to see all those positive results for your Business.

      Happy Selling from all of us here at CrazyLister.

  • PastPerfectRelics

    Overall rating

    Phenomenal Customer Support!! Thanks Din!

    We all know the site has great templates and full of helpful articles, especially when just getting started... which I love.

    BUT, I have to say--- the Customer Support is what blows me away.

    They are phenomenal! I was so impressed, the response time- which is practically immediate, I love the chat option- I can be stuck on a problem at 3am and someone will reply. I really don't know when they sleep haha.

    Long story short. I was having some issues that had me so frustrated, I was seriously contemplating cancelling my membership; thinking surely there is no quick solution- let alone any less frustrating. I hit the chat option- with zero expectations….

    WELL, *Din* not only fixed every issue…. He spent around 3ish hours working through it with me. Including a phone call/ screen share conference, answering every question, addressed every issue, fixed said issues-- He was extremely patient, friendly, diligent, professional-- you name it. I can honestly say, I can't think of another company with customer support half as good as here.

    ***Shout out to DIN for all the help & saving my sanity today. You definitely went the extra mile ...or 5 🙂 ***

    Thank You!
    Past Perfect Relics

    1. Reply from CrazyLister


      Thank you for your feedback.
      We are always happy to help 🙂

  • kbryant

    Overall rating

    Awful experience

    I keep being asked to review CrazyLister so here is my view...

    Unfortunately, my experience with CL has truly been awful. I first reported an issue I was having with my listings back in November 2017. To this day (26th July 2018), the problem still hasn't been fixed. The customer service is excellent and always get back to you in good time with a positive reply. This has worked against me as I was made to think that the problem will be sorted imminently so have waited and waited for the 'bug' to be fixed. I check back every few weeks for an update and I'm always told that it's being looked into and they'll be in touch soon but nothing ever changes. For the first 4 months, I was charged (even though I was told I wouldn't be) and I had to put up a bit of a fight to get my money back. I've finally given up hope of this issue ever being sorted and will now look for an alternative solution. I had high hopes for this company when they originally sold me the dream but unfortunately, they have failed to deliver :(:.

  • robert.faris

    Overall rating

    Pest customer service on the planet.

    I don't know when these people sleep. Plus your ads really stand out. 😀

    I am a brand new eBay seller and knew zero about eBay marketing. If that is you, don't be afraid to jump in, as the staff is with you through the entire process. Plus they have the patience it takes with new people.

    I am a brand new eBay seller and knew zero about eBay marketing. If that is you, don't be afraid to jump in, as the staff is with you through the entire process. Plus they have the patience it takes with new people.

  • Bruno1231

    Overall rating

    Great and Great annddd... Great!!!!!

    I Love the Support they help me a lot i love the team. They are Heroes for me. It makes a lot off fun to sell on Ebay now these guys are genius. They not only give you support no they help you and show you what you can do better !!! Thank you so mutch i can just say to you guys trust this team and you will grow to the mooon!! The Team always help you ! You dont need to wait for a stupid email or someting like that you can chat with these smart guys. But we are here for the Templates also and these are absoulte great ! its so easy and so thoughtful! Thank you for this Service !

  • Richard Davidian

    Overall rating

    Top of the heap!

    CrazyLister templates gave a significant and much appreciated boost to the STR and sales of my eBay listings.

    There's a bit of a learning curve for creating them, but it's not overwhelming. Instructions are clear and plentiful. You can start with their multitude of templates or create your own.

    The most remarkable value of the CrazyLister Company is their technical support. These guys, Din, Ofer and others, have your back and are there to help you succeed. I've never experienced better support in all my years on the web.:D8)

  • bstech

    Overall rating

    Awesome Company

    What were the positives?

    Customer service is the best you will ever find. The product itself is well put together. Highly recommend to anyone who would like to increase sales.


    Outstanding support makes the experience with Crazylister so enjoyable. Din helped me through every step of the way. The company in general seems to be all for helping people succeed. That is rare to find especially in a business setting where everyone wants a piece of the puzzle.

  • Sean Hornick

    Overall rating

    Pretty Decent for the price / Syncs quickly & easy to use

    Have been using it for over a year now with 4 eBay accounts attached using the premium sub. templates were easy to make and setup and i apply daily to everything.

    So far have only had one major issue where everything squished in the description part in the last year 1/2 or so and it was fixed within an hour talking to support and implementing a HTML code into the template.

    Highly recommend using this service, has upped my eBay sales tremendously and made everything look professional. Prior to them i had used a HTML template i bought off eBay and it worked for awhile then started having issues, and then switched to another platform that was short lived. So far don't see going away from here anytime soon.


  • brandonlv

    Overall rating

    Horrid Experience eBay sales decreased 70%

    Concept is great, have more professional looking listings. My experience was the complete opposite.

    I created a template and applied it to approximately 300 listings. There was an error in the code and the template was not being displayed. The rep could not fix it and during the first weekend I had 1/3 of the sales that I have been having.

    After 5 days I removed the template which reverted all of my listings back to original text, changed all of the store categories on ALL of the listings, and removed my html coded table that was on about half of the listings.

    I lost tremendous sales since this happened. Spent over 3 weeks getting my listings back to where they were before applying the template. Now over the last week my listing impressions have decreased 50% when they had been on a steady rise (~10% every couple of weeks since starting back in December) and I have approximately 200 more listings then when I applied their template.

    If you're planning on using this service, DO NOT apply to all of your listings.

    It also took me over a week to get a refund. Horrible, horrible experience.

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      Hey @brandonlv,
      Thanks for the review! We believe that all reviews, good and bad, are important. The team here at CrazyLister always strives to improve and your review definitely pushes us to work harder.
      As for your experience with CrazyLister, I would like to apologize that our customer service was not up to your expectations. I'm sorry you didn't reach out to us sooner and we would have cleared everything up!
      I also saw that our CEO personally reached out to you and offered you a period of CrazyLister service at no cost should you ever decide to give us a second chance.
      Looking forward to that "second chance" opportunity to change your mind about CrazyLister 🙂

  • Mrmiles721

    Overall rating

    Crazylister Review

    This product is just brilliant. Amazing customer service. Very impressed with how fast my questions are responded to being they have such a large customer base. Have been using this software for about 4 years and its exciting to watch the growth of this product. Simple to use but you can create a custom look as if you are a professional coder with a couple mouse drags and the click of a couple buttons. The mobile compatible feature is crucial with the constant policy updates on eBay. Keep up the good work guys. 😀

  • vinh ngo

    Overall rating

    Best source for templates!

    Best source for templates! Easy to create, easy to install.

    I've used Frooition, and other websites, but CrazyLister is the best one out there, and it's free!

    Apply templates across thousands of listings within a matter of minutes. Updating and changing templates individually or in bulk is an easy task that anyone can use!

    Whenever you have an issue, their customer support team will help you out through their online chat support system.

    They're patient, and will make sure your problem is solved.

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      @doduchusas Thanks for the reply.
      The service is not free but you can use it for free if you utilize the referral program.


  • Apex Used Appliance Control Boards

    Overall rating

    Crazylister Is Awesome!

    What were the positives?

    Amazing product!! Super easy to use and lots of options. The look of our ads is 100% better. We love the modern feel our ads have now! It's a great way to brand and our products and stand out from the crowd.

    We just started, but I can say that it seems our sales have already increased!

    Any negatives?

    Not really, this is great. 😀


    Support is excellent, super fast response, they even replied to me on Sunday!

  • yevgeny

    Overall rating

    my ebay sellings increased by 35%!! thank you crazylister !

    i started using crazylister more than a year ago - i cant tell you how it changed my ebay views and sales.
    i was looking for a tool like this for years !!!
    the templates work with mobile and look just as if a pro designer built them.
    i iwsh i would find them years ago !!!

    moreover - when i need any help - they respond within 5 minutes and help.
    if you want to increase you ebay sellings - just join crazylister - create you template and rock on.

    thanks !

  • blackorchid

    Overall rating

    Fast service, great templates

    Easy to use and definitely makes a big difference for eBay sales. Customer service is fast and friendly. The only issue they seem to regularly struggle with is syncing anchor stores. When I'm dealing with 1,000s of items, I notice I often have to ask for their help to sync my accounts up correctly.

    Definitely worth a try. Also nice that you can use different templates for one account-- that helps for varying items. Do recommend personalizing your policies though-- the generic ones they set won't automatically match your stated business policy, and that can bite you if a customer files for a dispute.

  • whitestarprints

    Overall rating

    TOP notch customer service from "Din"

    Excellent customer support, never had to use until today but the customer service agent "Din" was the greatest, sorted my issue in minutes. Thanks Din for all your help!!!

    I have used other platforms in the past ie.
    What a load of poop that is, no customer service at all when you have an issue and boy did I have quite a few so I let.

    I decided to try CrazyLister, been with them for 4 months. Glad i did.
    I have very little time to amend my eBay listing and this platform makes my life so much easier. Just a few click and my entire inventory is updated.

    Thanks again Din

    Kind regards,

  • Jmor

    Overall rating

    Bad Customer service & major spammers.

    I don't even know where to start.

    1) They use mislead potential customers with misleading Webretailer reviews. Their site shows their "webretailer score" but it isn't updated, so they constantly look better than they are.

    2) Customer service is horrible. I've sent in message after message and gotten no response or short responses that don't even answer my question. There is no way to escalate and I have bad listings on eBay and can't get any help.

    3) They spam their name all over your eBay listings and if you have the audacity to close your account, they change their logos into big "THIS ACCOUNT IS CLOSED" messages that make it look like we aren't selling any products.

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      Hey @Jmor ,
      Thanks for the review! Good or bad, we always want to know what our users are thinking so that we can make CrazyLister the best it can be.
      Our current WebRetailer rating stands at 4.5/5 stars from 60 reviews and our website shows 4.5/5 stars from 52 reviews. We'll make sure to update that!
      I'm sorry our customer support team hasn't provided the service you are looking for. CrazyLister used to use the red banner when a user was still using CrazyLister but is no longer paying for the service - like using CrazyLister for free! This has been discontinued. If you saw the red banner, please let us know!
      With minimal information in your ebRetailer review, we weren't able to find you to reach out and apologize. Please reply to the private message you will receive from us and we'll make sure we make up for the mistakes we've made.
      We look forward to hearing more feedback from you and to make sure that you are nothing but satisfied with CrazyLister 🙂

  • azestateflyers

    Overall rating

    Best platform service Ive ever used!

    First they have EXCELLENT and FAST support, which is always nice to have. Anytime I have a problem someone is there and/or anytime I have an idea to add they listen. The listing backgrounds are AMAZING! Honestly Crazylister boosted my eBay sales and traffic... which in return makes me more money. So happy I found them! I hope they keep coming up with more backgrounds and faster/easier ways to uploaded! I promise you wont be disappointed in this service all you eBay auction listers. Thank you guys!

  • Rob Twietmeyer

    Overall rating

    Great Customer Service

    Lisa and the team were very helpful with questions I had and with fast response! I really like the Crazylister Service and product. The layout of the software is nice and easy to use and having a good template for Ebay is key for Sales. It is nice to be able to switch Templates in a snap. It also saves time too! I am looking forward to using the service more as I see there are new features added periodically as well. I have compared other services out there, yes they may be slightly more but the interface with Crazylister is great and worth the money Thanks Guys 🙂


    Rob Twietmeyer
    Therapy Products and More

  • The New Simplicity

    Overall rating

    Excellent customer service !

    I had problems with my ebay templates content, i haved put a link to my web page inside the templates title, after ebay flagged my listings i contacted crazy lister customer service looking for an answer. They send me a Video, explaining how to remove the link and restore the templates. At the end, it was my fault, but they kindly help me to solve it and in a very short time.

    i must say this is the kind of service i expect from any company and im very happy using this tool.

    Highly recommended !

  • marclucybooker

    Overall rating

    Disappointment with changes turned to VERY Pleased!

    What were the positives?

    As an eBay seller I much preferred the way things were until the changes at beginning of year. I liked simply pasting the html into my eBay template, where I had all my variations set up. I couldn't figure out how to do the same thing with the new process. I asked support for help but I felt like I lost my brain and just couldn't figure it out.

    Any negatives?

    A clear example how to make my eBay listings as before could not be found.


    It took a little back and forth with support but Lisa helped me figure things out! So yes, I can make the same type of listings as before! Just start your listing with all your variations in eBay. Then hit the "Sync with eBay" button in Crazylister so that your new listing that you created in eBay shows up in Crazylister. Then you go about adding the Crazylister template the new way which is very easy now. 🙂

  • Jeff Monson

    Overall rating

    Love it

    Great page builder software...easy to use and very versatile. Been using Crazy Lister for 3 years now and it definitely increased my conversion rate, which equals higher ranking, more sales, more profit (and renders your annual CrazyLister subscription fee a wash). It's a no brainer...the software pays you...

    Crazy Lister Technical Support is absolutely awesome...any time I've needed help (and I needed it quite a bit when the new active content rules came out last year), I write through chat right on their website and someone answers in a matter of seconds. Always fast, always friendly. They take care of the problem on the spot.

    I see some bad reviews on here...of course, you can't please 100% of people 100% of the time, but most of these complaints are regarding changes that EBAY made that Crazy Lister has to comply with. These people are barking up the wrong tree! 🙂

  • BoJack

    Overall rating

    Was good, now avoid!

    Used to be an excellent product, good value for money, did what it said on the tin, with decent enough reliability. (4.00+/5)
    Since a "recent" update, where they "forgot to communicate" that the way the system works will change completely overnight and it will not be compatible with variation listings we cant change 80%of our listings as they are not supported anymore, until i find a suitable replacement.
    Contacted support, they were just shaking their virtual heads in defense, rather than help just apologising.
    Avoid!, if you do are running a serious operation which requires a reliable product, this isn't one anymore. : /

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      Hey @BoJack ,
      Thanks for taking the time to review CrazyLister on WebRetailer and Facebook 🙂 We really do appreciate all feedback, positive and negative.
      Indeed CrazyLister has changed, mostly for the better! We have created our very own lister which allows you to manage your listings and template within CrazyLister - rather than going back and forth between CrazyLister and eBay.
      Non the less, we did drop the ball when it comes to variations. I see that our support team has already notified you that our development team is working diligently on bringing variations back to CrazyLister. We know how important variation listings are to all of our users and want to make sure CrazyLister can do it all for you.
      Look out for an email from us about any updates! We'll be in touch 🙂

  • sexythingz4u

    Overall rating

    Treated Like Family

    I had Several Serious Issues with Crazy Lister that prevented me from getting value from the website. I have over 2000 ebay listings and the active listing fuction was not working correctly at all. Kept showing listings that had ended making it impossible to edit templates and use the site at all. The staff were as helpful as could be throughout the whole ordeal. Happy to report that after several weeks of gliches and hiccups the tech team went back to the drawing board to work on and rectify the issues.
    I wanted a program that could make modifying my ebay adverts easier... and now i am happy to report that Crazy Lister has delivered.
    Congratulations to the team for getting it right!!!

  • lyntonm

    Overall rating

    Awesome Customer Service, Brilliant Tool

    Crazylister is a fantastic paid listing tool for creating ebay listings and I've used it now for a couple of years - originally having a free account and then changing to a paid subscription when that became the only choice.

    Firstly, the customer service is always fantastic and speedy. There is a "chat-like" window on every webpage which you can open at any time and post a question or concern in there and they usually get back to you within a few hours (at the longest). They're always friendly and helpful.

    The tool itself has undergone some major changes recently - and being honest, I'm not a fan of a lot of the features - though I know other people are. It was somewhat confusing when the changes happened, but there material is there to read if you get stuck. It's good if you like things simple - but if you like having overall control over your listings (access to HTML etc) then you may find some shortcomings.

    I'd recommend Crazylister to anyone wanting good quality listing templates which are suited to desktop and mobile versions of ebay. Crazylister is also fully endorsed by ebay Australia - if there are any policy changes, Crazylister are quick to have their platform upgraded in time for when the changes go live.

  • bmxmomof3

    Overall rating

    My overall experience

    I have been with CrazyLister for a few years now, eBay since 1999.

    I took a long sabbatical from eBay because of their ever'changing policies that made listing items a very lengthy process for me. When I Considered returning to eBay, I knew I could not make the worthwhile effort without any form of help. I searched for weeks for a tool that would effectively and efficiently create detailed listings for my prospective buyers. I found many sites that offered a solution but many were too pricey, while others lacked quality features. Then, I found CrazyLister in a Google ad and gave it a shot. After only a few days of using this awesome tool (CrazyLister), I have the confidence to make my return to eBay and purchased a CL membership. I can honestly say if I did not find CrazyLister, I would not have returned to eBay. CrazyLister has made listing easy and profitable for me.

    I would like to mention one last observation, CrazyLister has made many changes to their site since the beginning, sometimes it could be a little hectic for people who may have problems with change, I am that type of person. Let me honestly tell all veteran members, new members and people considering the CrazyLister experience. Everything they do with the site, any changes they make are truly for the better of all of their users. The CrazyLister team and personal support always keep our needs in mind. I know from personal experience the CL team always reads, listens to our concerns and works hard on solutions. Any company with fresh ideas, that dedicates time to improve solutions for eBays constantly changing platform, is a company and a family I will continue with and grow with. CrazyLister Never lets me down. CL is the best company. They actually listen to their members. I wish more companies had even half the integrity CL has. Thank You, CL

  • simimike

    Overall rating

    Your Listing Design Is Not Yours. They Are Crazy Listers

    What were the positives?

    Ease of use

    Any negatives?

    After signing for a year & listing many items using their product we decided not to renew the subscription.

    Crazy Lister put a BIG red ugly banner at the top of the every item listing saying " Subscription Expired" & a small logo at the bottom of all the listings done with their product.

    The fix was to edit the HTML links out of every listing or rewrite the listing.

    If you use this product keep this in mind if you plan to cancel.


    The support was good

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      Hey @simimike , thanks for the review! We take all kinds of feedback very seriously as we want to make sure that our users get the best and most honest experience with us!
      When subscribing to CrazyLister, you are paying for the use of the software and templates. If you come to a point where you decide to cancel your subscription, you are no longer paying for the use of CrazyLister software or templates.
      Some sellers prefer to go to a graphic designer and pay big bucks for a template they can own, but in that case you cannot edit the template as many times as you could in CrazyLister. The route you take to get your templates really depend on what your needs and priorities are.
      I hope this clarifies things and I apologize if this was not clear from the start for you!
      Should you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our customer support team through our online chat or by email at [email protected]

  • Jordy

    Overall rating

    Extreme good support - fast, helpfull and thinking along.

    We have 2 ebay accounts for different continents and using Crazylister for over 2 years now. USA and Europe.

    We went for CL because the management is fully eBay foccussed as they sell items on eBay as well. So they are fully aware what is possible, what not and what the best practices for a good revenue and optimisation.

    But the tool is awesome too ofcourse. Easy to use, fast listing and a lot of templates available which can be editted and used. Did I mention the insane good support already?

    AAA+ team!

  • Syntego Limited

    Overall rating


    We are a small family business and a subscriber to Crazylister, we are a Business seller on eBay. Since using the very professional looking Crazylister templates we have increased our sales year on year to over 100% at the present time
    I find they are invaluable, a great selection of templates all of which are totally compatible with all of eBays idiosyncrasies. Had a problem with the latest 'Contact information and links policy changes' Victor sorted it for us immediately.
    If you want an excellent product for your listings with excellent support then try Crazylister's free trial.


  • vanesita4439

    Overall rating

    Great support

    I like so much the service.. It's so help full I love it, This service provide you a great oportunity to improve your ebay sale, easy and elegant design, this will increase your sale 100%. You can upgrade your account in a few minutes...

    This product have a great support center, they can solved any issue in short time, you don't have to waste your time calling any contact cente, they have chat support so effective... I recommend crazylist for everyone to have a easy and quickly sales in ebay

  • Lauralee

    Overall rating

    Great Support

    I needed a new listing tool because of problems with active content on eBay. I went to the eBay convention and checked out several listing tools. CrazyLister people walked me through their tool and when I decided to use it they helped me set it up. Once a day I update everything on CrazyLister that I listed on eBay the previous day. Now everything looks great on phones as well as computers. I have had a couple of issues since then and each time I texted Support I got a quick and caring response. I am a senior citizen and it is great to have the help of young computer techie. I love CrazyLister! 🙂

  • mensaman

    Overall rating

    CrazyLister is awesome!

    As a full-time eBay seller, I found myself spending far too much time on listing issues. I was getting bogged down dealing with quirky templates that were running afoul of eBay's "active content" rules. I looked at several listing tools before I found CrazyLister. What initially attracted me was their claims of personal attention to each customer. Not being the best person with computers, strong customer support would be a major plus. And, to put it mildly, I was not disappointed. From the moment you sign up, they are there to assist you with any questions and potential problems. I was put in touch with Etienne, who is an expert when it comes to designing templates and logos. He not only designs a template specific to your merchandise and target customer base, he takes the time to show you how to implement it in existing listings. The best part is that his services are incredibly affordable. Nothing is perfect, and from time to time, I have to ask questions. Victor or Lisa have always provided timely answers that solved each and every issue. You can tell that they take pride in providing the best online listing service out there. Yes, I know that some out there might be "cheaper." Believe me, I tried them. When you weigh dedicated customer support and simplicity of use against frustratingly difficult listings, it's easy to see why I chose CrazyLister. I can't imagine ever using another service. Thanks!

  • hewittsprints

    Overall rating

    Great site and great support

    I have used crazylister for a couple of years now and it offers a great service - make use of the predesigned templates they really do enhance your listings.

    Always great support using the online chat system

    I would recommend the site to anyone who wishes to use a user friendly design system that offers great support.

    The increase in ebay sales more than pays for any subscription taken out on the site.

    Thank you again and I look forward to more great templates, supportand ebay sales.

  • valerie583

    Overall rating


    I love CrazyLister! It has been so easy to use and I was able to customize and create a beautiful listing template. I'm only moderately techie (my son might say even less than moderately) so this was a big deal to me. With other platforms I have been frustrated with the dated look and the difficulty to make it work right. With CrazyLister I have a beautiful, up to date looking listing and the mobile optimization is first class. I haven't been this happy with the look of my ebay listings in several years. So glad I made the switch!

    Tech support for the one question I couldn't figure out was within 24 hours and very helpful, friendly service. And it was a super easy fix. Love the online tutorials and how to videos too. Thank you all so much!

  • Jan1874

    Overall rating

    Fantastic Tool and excellent customer service!!

    We love this tool. We are really satisfied with how you can manage crazylister and everything you can do with it. Its very use to use and everbody can handle and understand ist. We increased our ebay sales about 40 % through crazy lister and we are sure there is a lot more to come. We had a challenge with our account a few days ago and Lisa from customer service fixed the problem. She was friendly, fast and clever. If you want to grow your ebay business this is the right tool for you!:) Best regards from Germany Jan

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      Hey Jan,
      Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your experience with CrazyLister honestly with this forum. CrazyLister is always happy to hear when your listings and sales are affected in such a positive way! You already know how to reach out to us so do keep in touch and keep us updated on your success! 🙂

  • Itamar Klein

    Overall rating

    Problem with ebay list solved quickly

    So, I subscribe to Crazy Lister, which is a software that helps improve eBay sales pages. I encountered a problem on one of my sales pages. One of the elements did not work properly. I turned to them for help. Within minutes I received an answer. The problem was solved in less than 15 minutes. Professionally and Highly recommended for anyone who deals with eBay sales, they are nice and pleasant, professional and professional high level service I also want to mention Lisa who took care of me in a chat conversation that was easy and simple and credited to her Thank you very much to all those who work there, it goes without saying that I do not accept anything and I have no interest here except to say that it is pleasant to work with them and strongly recommended

  • KevenKings1912

    Overall rating

    Crazylister is a FANTASTIC tool for Ebay!

    Aside from the user friendliness of their interface and options for designing your template, Crazylister makes it ridiculously easy to create beautiful/modern/professional product descriptions.

    For both new and seasoned Ebay sellers, this tool is essential for creating a great looking product description while saving time and hassle when it comes to design. With Crazylister, there's no need for graphic designers, programmers/coders, etc.

    Most drag and drop tools tend to be very limited and restricting of what you can do... Crazylister provides everything needed to design the template without being confined to pre-determined sections of the template... it allows you to put what you want where you want as big or small as you want it.

    In regards to customer service, the built in chat box for customer service is beyond convenient and allows for quick an easy support when a question arises. The staff has been nothing but friendly and respectful. In one particular case, I spoke with Din regarding an issue of our template looking one way on Google Chrome and another on Safari... he looked into it, found what was causing the issue, then sent me a GIF of him on the template making the adjustment I needed to make to solve the problem.

    Just like that, the problem was solved and our templates were fit for any browser.

    I HIGHLY recommend using Crazylister if you want to have professional, respectable listings on Ebay. 🙂

  • vigliottacreative

    Overall rating

    Positively Professional!

    As a new eBay seller, I'm doing my homework and reading up on everything I can find about online selling. As a result, I read an article about Victor and his partner selling on eBay and increasing the conversion rate of a GPS product they had dropshipped from the manufacturer. That made me decide that these guys know what they’re doing. With a background in Graphic Design/Marketing, I know the importance of design to engage the customer. However, html is not one of my strengths, so I was pleased to see the many attractive templates to choose from.

    Thank you for offering such a wonderful service, and especially for a trial period that does not require a credit card. This indicates that the CrazyLister team is willing to work hard to earn customer loyalty, which is very admirable in our times. I will definitely be joining when my trial period has expired!

    1. Reply from CrazyLister


      Thanks for the kind words! CrazyLister was create by eBay sellers for eBay sellers so our goal is to make sure we have exactly what you need for eBay success!

  • Overall rating

    CrazyLister has it all!

    This is a great product!
    The templates are awesome & there are so many to choose from.
    For those of you that are not tech savvy, there are tutorial videos for every step and the customer support team is second to none!
    I couldn't be happier with my new professional appearance online & the added SEO & Mobile Optimization that CrazyLister provides.
    They have a Free Trial with no credit card needed.
    Max & Victor are honest, great guys. They have a wonderful team working with them. There's nothing to think about. It's free to try!

  • KWUser

    Overall rating

    Overall, good

    What were the positives?

    Templates are nice. Easily changed.

    Any negatives?

    I have issues with keeping some of the headers in line; if I change the font it goes down the page on its own. But otherwise, not many problems.


    The support was good. Fast and helpful. They solved my problem quickly and were quick to give me any other information I asked for. I was having a problem with Autosave failing and they added me to the list of people who be informed when it gets fixed.

  • bullish47

    Overall rating

    Stay away..

    What were the positives?

    Nothing. It claims to be simple and easy to use. Quite the opposite. If you have plenty of time to waste and nothing better to do with your time, use this service. It is not at all user friendly. Especially with the photo upload. You still have to edit all of your text, photos and information over again. Why would I be interested in doing the same thing twice?

    Any negatives?

    Customer service lacking. No one is ever available when you need them. :(:(:(:(


    The support was horrible... When you finally do get an answer, they send you a link to their website with how to resolve the issue. Most of the time, they don't think that maybe you already tried that and it didn't work and that is why you are sending them a notice. :(:(:(:(

    Stay away.. stay far away.

    Once you try out the free trial, you can't get rid of the templates on your current listings no matter what you try.

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      Hey @bullish47,

      Lisa here from CrazyLister. I'm sorry you feel that our customer service wasn't to your expectations. Our users are our #1 priority and I personally work towards making sure that every user gets the answers they are looking for.

      We put a lot of time and effort into the articles we create for our support center so that you can find solutions to your answers even before reaching out to us. If the article you received from CrazyLister support didn't answer your question, just let us know and we'll be happy to help you out!

      I'd be happy to personally help you figure out everything CrazyLister. You can reach out to me in the chat option in the bottom right corner of the window.

  • Filip Filipov

    Overall rating

    Great Product, Great Owner and Support Team

    I enjoyed using CrazyLister. First I used it for several months and when I was new to CL I was asking the support team and Victor - the owner replied to me assisting me how to use CrazyLister the best way possible.

    I am very satisfied with the platform and that they have an ongoing development and support. This is something I look for when I invest in a business on a monthly/annual basis.

    Additionally, I learned a lot from the CrazyLister Blog. I found an article they made how to use eBay promoted listings which helped me almost double my sales.

    Unfortunately when I was developing a new design to use for my listings my account was suspended from eBay and I decided not to continue with the business. Prior to that I recently subscribed to an annual subscription for CrazyLister as I was planning a long-term business.

    So as I had lots of things on my head I didn't contact CrazyLister on time as they provide a 14-day money back guarantee. Once I contacted CL support team about 1 month after I subscribed for an annual subscription I wasn't sure what to expect as many people will preach to you that their customers are most important and that they will do their best to provide top customer support, but not many companies and people will do what they promise.

    But Victor replied to me during his day off and immediately several hours after I send them a message, he replied that he is sorry to hear that and he has already refunded the full amount back to me.

    So I absolutely recommend CrazyLister to everyone who is looking to improve his eBay Store. Firstly they offer a customer-friendly and easy to use design manager with more than 30 designs. You can use them with many different platforms. You can also hire a designer which can make a personal design for CrazyLister. Secondly, they have great support and they improve their product every month. Thirdly their blog is useful to help you as a eBay seller. And most importantly - they really try to be there for you and to help you be successful - they not only sell a service, but will try to be with you and help you develop a successful business and in my situation they were willing even to go the extra mile for me and give away their profits, even if they were supposed to based on their agreements.

  • David Schwahn

    Overall rating

    A Very Valuable Ebay Listing Tool

    This software is simply amazing! The various templates and the ease of use of Crazy Lister makes this a must have for anyone serious about selling on Ebay.
    I can honestly say that Crazy Lister, alone, has increased my sales in less than a month. The gallery and the sharp templates have saved me a great deal of time that I can now spend listing more items.
    If you want your listings to look professional and want to get more for your items, give Crazy Lister a shot. It's an investment that will pay for itself many times over.
    The customer service is amazing. I'd ask any questions I had and quickly get the answers I needed.
    Over the years, I've learned there a only a select few products that work better than advertised. Crazy Lister is one of them.

  • Bugzbay

    Overall rating

    Amazing Customer Service!

    I was overwhelmed by the Live Content Ban on Ebay. What does that mean?!? (pulling my hair out) Well, no worries. I found Crazylister and all those worries were taken care of. I did have some issues, as I'm not exactly an IT Pro. I messaged Crazylister with my concerns, and customer service immediately came to the rescue. Even Victor (CEO of Crazylister) took time out of his busy schedule, to help me. Who does that anymore?!? They exceeded my expectations on every level. Now I'm in the process of updating all my Ebay listings to make them Ebay compliant, and guess what? I'm so excited to bedazzle all my listings with my own personal touch and they look professional! Thank you Crazylister, for making the transition almost pain free.

    Most Sincerely,

    June G (Bugzbay) of Anchorage Alaska

  • oricom33

    Overall rating

    very good tool easy simple and convenient

    What were the positives?


    Would anything have been better? hope for more services/functions


    after you get use to this lister you won't want any other tool
    it is fun to work with kind of addicted
    so easy so many options and ideas to apply to you template
    at the easy way i checked many tools no tool come close to this one!

    The support was great

    victor is great - i wish this guys to succeed
    and keep inventing and offering more great tools in the future

  • SNCali

    Overall rating

    Customer Service is Poor

    They have great templates, but their customer support is not as good anymore. I fear they grew too fast. It seems like they just hired a bunch of new employees who do not seem to understand your question. You have to wait at least 24-48 hours and sometimes they still do not help you. This is when you wish they had 24/7 staff or a phone number to call. I wish they were based in the US so I can get a hold of someone sooner than 24 hours, as it affects our business sales.

    I do miss when Vic (the owner) had more time to help the clients. I find myself considering other software now. Without support and delays, it is costing our business money.

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      @SNCali Hey Sunil,
      Victor, CEO at CrazyLister here.
      First - My apologies for not delivering the great customer support you've come to expect from CrazyLister!

      I'm now going through your correspondence with the team.
      I can see Lisa offered you to schedule a call, did you see this message?

      I have now sent you another invite for a call with myself.

      Please let either Lisa or myself know what time works for you for a call - and we will tackle any issues you may have together!

  • sparky1

    Overall rating


    Just finished my 14 trial with crazy lister and have found it amazing. I love all the helpful tips along the way which is such a BIG help to me as I am just starting out on eBay and never had a clue about where to start!
    Support has been wonderful and it's been great having Victor answer my questions. I can see now I would have struggled big time with templates without crazy lister and found it too hard. Thankyou for all your help, tips and support.
    I have now very happily signed up with crazy lister and looking forward to creating and improving my listings!

  • CrazyFan

    Overall rating

    GAME-CHANGING, brilliant and easy to use

    After averaging 3% sales conversion rates on 2 eBay stores in different countries and gaining Top Seller status for both after 3 months of opening each store, a big part of our success can be attributed to CrazyLister and their team.

    Absolutely brilliant and easy to use with a fantastic support team that provides fast and exceptional customer service.

    Highly recommended, has made my life easier with it's simple drag and drop interface. Editing photos is simple and the mobile design option makes CrazyLister stand out from a lot of similar offerings out there.

    Just upgraded to the Pro plan, I'm a huge fan of the software and the team.

    Congrats guys!

  • rose11

    Overall rating

    Crazy Lister Customer Service

    Very helpful, easy to use, everything is just there. Use it. Highly recommended.

    Victor, you are great!!!

    Thankyou very much. 🙂

  • MaxandOliver

    Overall rating

    Amazing tool for eBay listers!

    🙂 Extremely easy to use, seamless process when creating your own templates or working with preexisting ones. The process of inputting the HTML code into the ebay platform is a matter of only 2-clicks! Could not ask for a better lister solution to help my product stand out in the marketplace. Also excellent customer service.

  • BSD

    Overall rating

    Love the NEW templates+$14.95 UNLIMITED everything LIFE DEAL

    Although I LOVE MY LISTINGS as they are now - with my OWN HTML, etc - I was looking to switch up my listing designs and therefore, thought of CrazyLister - since I am an avid reader of your blog/postings/insightful articles that are emailed to me.

    Love the NEW selection of templates and hope to find AT LEAST one, probably many more that will suite my design likes and needs. - Thanks again -

    Oh and the email with the 50% lifetime discount was the "seal the deal" for my purchasing monthly $14.95 for life and ALL FUTURE upgrades included AND UNLIMITED everything]!!!


  • Traice

    Overall rating

    Sign Posts for Traffic to Your Product Videos & Demo's

    I had been searching high and low for a designer template for my shop listings on eBay for months. Luckily for me I found CrazyLister for drag and drop templates that I could use within my listings both private and business.

    I wanted a professional look where I could add social links, clickable pictures but more importantly my product videos from YouTube.

    Since using CrazyLister my sales have increased as potential customers can find me on all the social media websites which brings more customers to my door and we all want new custom!

    It's so easy to use with the drag and drop system, training videos to help and a fantastic support network which you are not waiting days for a reply.

    You can choose from lots of templates so you can have a different template depending on your listings, or the same throughout. You actually become your own designer without all the extra costs of getting a designer and paying for changes after the template has been made.

    If you make changes in Youtube they automatically change inside your listings which saves you time and effort, plus you can move things about the pages and either copy the html code or go straight to your listing that you want to upgrade within CrazyLister.

    This was an absolute must for me. Anything that saves time, effort and employing or paying for extra work to be done has my vote!

    It's absolutely fantastic for anyone starting their new venture on eBay or the established business seller.

  • Shiraz

    Overall rating

    It's definitely easy to use and wont drive you Crazy!

    With no experience of coding or the funds to hire a professional I was struggling, I could have chosen to go with the many standard and generic template designs out there, but nothing really made me satisfied or gave me the professional look and image I wanted. Fortunately I stumbled across Crazy Lister and gave it a shot, luckily it has saved the day, its very easy to use and has the main features that I need covered, providing a good professional result. The team are always asking for feedback too and trying to develop new ideas which is good for us users. I haven't published anything yet and still developing my templates, but I can safely say so far so good using Crazy Lister.

  • hollywooddesignpro

    Overall rating

    The BEST Solution for Professional Looking eBay Listings

    We've tried and failed with many do it yourself eBay listings builders, templates, even hand-coding our own listings - nothing out there has been a viable solution for making our small business' eBay listings look professional.

    The biggest problem with eBay seems to be that no matter how nice your HTML/CSS listing looks, once you plug it into your auction listing, eBay's styles override it and jumble everything, making it look like a mess.

    DIY templates look like childsplay and give an embarrassing vibe to a business presence.

    CrazyLister was the solution to ALL of these problems for us; their easy to use and beautifully designed templates and design interface make creating a gorgeous auction listing a breeze - and it is TOTALLY customizable to your needs.

    One of the coolest features is the hover image gallery, as well as the tabs. These would take hours of tweaking to create without CrazyLister.

    So THANK YOU to the amazing team behind this terrific product which finally helps us look like the big guys!

  • Roisin1

    Overall rating

    Great tool for eBay listings. Highly Recommend

    I opened my eBay shop in late 2015 and just could not get it to look “right” At that early stage did not want to get into the expense of a design company,£200 plus !
    Luckily I discovered Crazy Lister, having tried some very dodgy, clunky and rubbish alternatives.
    The learning curve with Crazy Lister was very intuitive and I was achieving great results (well I thought So ?) very quickly using the templates available.
    I now use Crazy Lister by starting from a blank page and producing with the tools available great listing pages. And they did not cost me £200
    My eBay shop is going from strength to strength, Top Rated and a Power Seller
    Part of that success is down to Crazy Lister giving me the ability to look good (not me the shop) and professional for free. Thanks to Victor and the team.

  • Doulos

    Overall rating

    Crazylister Problems Unresolved

    After trying to publish a listing that was created on crazylister, eight times, and receiving no help whatsoever from their staff, I gave up.

    When I wrote to the tech support people they asked me to go through the same steps that I had already tried eight times, as if I was not capable of following simple instructions.

    Each time I tried to publish my listing from crazylister, I was directed to link the account with my eBay account. I did this each time, but was still not able to publish my listing.

    When I examined my eBay account, it showed that my eBay account was already linked to crazylister.

    When I informed the crazylister staff of this, I did not get a response and was left hanging, without being able to publish my listing. I sent them screenshots and repeatedly told them that the problem was with their web site, not recognizing that my eBay account was already linked. I received no response. I think that the owners of this web site are in a european country as they do not respond during U.S. normal business hours.

    I would have like to maintain a relationship with crazylister If only they would have resolved this simple issue so I could publish my listings from their site.

    1. Reply from CrazyLister


      Hey buddy!

      Victor Levitin, CEO & founder of CrazyLister here.

      First - My apologies for your experience!

      I have checked the customer support logs, and can see that both myself and Meytal from our development department have been messaging you, offering to support you remotely via a screen share (Teamviewer).

      No biggie! We must have missed each other somehow 🙂

      Feel free to contact me directly with any issue via our customer support.

  • jshatlee

    Overall rating

    Don't Know Where I'd Be without This Tool!

    I'll keep it quick but by far Crazy Lister has got to be the most useful tool I have in my arsenal when it comes to my ebay listings. Ebay's platform is quite archaic and they don't seem to care much about updating their platform . Crazy lister is by far the one thing somebody needs to make beautiful listings look professional and standout from the rest.

  • YoungAmbition

    Overall rating

    The best Ebay listing software currently!

    I want to leave a long review but since its 5:49 A.M. PST in Los Angeles, I've got to now sleep for few hours before heading out to office.

    So, just about 3 years ago, I've started my journey of E-commerce not knowing whether I was going to make money or really sell even one item.
    I was so fascinated with the idea of creating income online without having to work for any bosses or companies.

    It meant freedom but I had no idea how to really sell on Ebay or on any other platforms...

    I have no idea how I stumbled upon "Crazylister" but I thank God for that random find in 2015!

    Its been a rough ride but I am now ready to list again on Ebay after a long pause.

    Now that my suppliers are ready, Shopify store is also ready, and Ebay is the platform to start selling first!

    Victor has chatted me and emailed me within 24 hours. More like within 5 minuts...

    I was totally and completely shocked that I was chatting with the owner of the company. That really gave me hope that I can really make this whole E-commerce business come to reality.

    CrazyLister is really easy to use for those who are quick learners, focused, and creative.

    You can really customize so much to your liking and your style!

    It is priced at an affordable monthly at $15 I believe.
    Well I remember seeing $14.95 on Paypal monthly subscription.

    So will I continue to use it?

    Is it really worth the money?
    YES!!! If you think your business is worth more than $15 monthly than go ahead and step out into faith.

    Well I hope this review will show the world just how much I appreciate the effort and time put in by Victor and his people.

    -David C.

  • rolls1957

    Overall rating

    Very great ebay posting software

    😉 CrazyLister is great and fast and easy. Staff very helpful and cost is very little. Makes very nice looking postings. Highly recommended A+++

    I received the greatest support from Victor him self.

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      @valuedirect2 Hi Royce,
      I can refer you to another customer who left a review and mentioned his thoughts about the price:

  • scottj636

    Overall rating

    An absolutely SOLID product from some TOP NOTCH individuals

    Sometimes reviews just don't need to be lengthy, and despite having a symphony of praises to sing about the product itself, and the interactions with individuals representing this software, I'll keep it simple and short because thats exactly what it has done for me. Listing on Ebay, (when done correctly) can be a mundane and mind-numbing experience. Not to mention it can eat up precious hours if your not careful. The level of expertise and intuition that accompanies this software however nearly completely eliminates the headache generally caused by this task. The templates mesh extremely well with inserted images and videos, and a standard template can evolve into something unique, pleasing to look at, and profitable in a hurry. This has been a lifesaver for me, and I look forward to reaping the benefits of this product for a long time to come...Thanks so much! -JJ TSRB Direct Tech

  • adele2310

    Overall rating

    Super Easy to Use - Great Professional Templates

    You often get this market hype that tells you that software is SUPER EASY TO USE and then when you start you have to watch hours of training videos before you even get started well NOT for CrazyLister!!! I signed up for the free trial and I had my first professional looking eBay listing in about 10 min and I have yet to watch any of the tutorials! I love that!

    I love the blog posts that Victor does. I have already implemented some of his strategies and now as he advises I will test and watch and optimize my listings but honestly I have already seen a lot more sales in the couple of days since I started.

    I don't often write reviews but honestly this software is just so good I had to.

    I also love the personal touch! I got to speak to Victor myself during one of my work sessions where he asked my opinion about what he should ad to make the software happen!

    They are truly focused on providing value and listening to their customers!

  • e bay seller

    Overall rating

    E bay template designer/ CRAZY LISTER

    If your looking for a template design for e bay then look no further, this is easy designer at your finger tips. It really is that simple. I would recommend Crazy Lister to all sellers! Leave the rest and use the best! 🙂

  • jlc404

    Overall rating

    CrazyLister is CrazyGood!!!!!!!

    CrazyLister is very easy to use and does create outstanding ebay listings, only limited to your individual creativity and the tools CrazyLister provides. I have enjoyed exploring the options available and as of yet- have no suggestions for improving it. THANKS!!

  • the magician

    Overall rating

    Love CrazyLister...

    '...If you're serious about eBay and want to take your listings or store to the next, professional level, you HAVE to try CrazyLister.

    ANYONE can Drag and Drop and that's ALL that is required...and the best part; Your listings will look perfect whether opened on a desktop computer or ANY mobile device.

    With up to 50% of eBay sales now carried out on mobile devices, this is VITAL if you don't want to lose sales.

    CrazyLister offers a generous free trial and Rapid Response help is always at hand.

    Personally, I would rather you DIDN'T use CrazyLister, so I can keep my edge.'

  • Alex usa

    Overall rating

    Awesome stuff

    This guy's delivering so helpful stuff starting from the templets and there blog every week and it's all FREE!!!

    There blog posts every week is very important stuff to know, you will see stuff how to get s good eBay listing and all other kind articals about eBay that the big guys don't tell this guys shearing all this for FREE


    Oh and there customer service is A+1 very very quick

  • leila

    Overall rating


    You have helped me transform my ebay listig so easily! Honestly crazy lister has everything I am looking for it is excellent and so easy to use, I wish my website was this easy... Thanks for your amazing service and just signed up for your newsletter Leila 🙂

  • goldenglider8

    Overall rating


    We just started on Ebay a few months ago and saw immediately that the template is an important factor when it comes to sales. So we tried out a few programs here and there. We also saw that a graphic designer could do the job (this is just too expensive!).

    We LOVED CrazyLister as it gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect template. You can create whatever you want (you'll need to be creative and put in the hours!). But as far as computer skills are concerned, you don't need to be able to program or anything (we can't program either!)

    We definitely recommend this product (it's not expensive either) for everyone out there that wants a professional looking template.

  • AKOP

    Overall rating

    Best thing ever!

    I am computer savvy so I am not sloooow but eBay is incredibly difficult to deal with when it comes to adding links, etc. I tried for days with different html code, tips and tricks and nothing until CrazyLister. They were SO patient, answered my questions and I was able to solve my problems. My product REALLY requires a video bc it is all based around function so this was a lifesaver. THANK YOU

  • Laurie

    Overall rating

    Love it!!

    I have fallen in love with this program! It's soooo easy to use and you can really make your listings stand out from the others. You can do so much with it when it comes to designing your templates and the best part is that you don't have to have HTLM knowledge, which I don't. I have created a main template that can be used on all my listings just by changing a couple of colors which takes 2 seconds. And I can change the template whenever I want or create other templates for special listings. This program saves me a ton of time by not having to look through a bunch of templates to find the best one. And you can create more contemporary and professional looking templates. I often found the service I was with before and the ones I've researched have a lot of generic looking templates. You can also convey so much more of your brand to customers when you can create your own taglines and headers. Anyway, I can't say enough about this program. The more I work with it the more I like it. It's great! So glad I found it! I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  • elitesolutions1

    Overall rating

    Hands Down the Best! @ an Amazing Price

    Crazy Lister is AMAZING!!!

    3 months in with a Graphic Artist, $2000 later & still no professional looking ebay listing:evil::evil:

    I have been trying to get my ebay store to look professional for nearly a year. I had no luck, even after hiring a Graphic Artist and paying over 2k still could not get what I wanted & when they did give me something that looked decent it wasn't compatible with ebay. I came across crazy Lister a few days ago. Honestly its everything I needed & more. After a few days my listings are now looking amazing, even noticed an increase in sales in just these few days. After I finished my first 2 listings I upgraded to the Pro membership @ $24.00 month how could I not sign up.

    Wait there is more!!! Excellent Tech. Support, I couldn't figure out how to use one of their features so I sent an email late at night actually it was close to midnight and within seconds I got a response. Not a generic response it was a real person Victor. Victor quickly guided me through the process of using the feature.

    THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Crazy listings so happy I found you! thank you.

  • Marion

    Overall rating

    Great Produkt

    First we tried to create our own templates in dreamweaver. It was horrible! Ebay dont accept the code because of some strange html-tags. It took quite a while to make one item. It doesnt work very well at all.

    As we had searched for a solution for this problem we found your great software! Its the perfect solution for us! Thank you so much!

  • Sweet Greek Alchemies

    Overall rating


    I am not good in words so I will try to explain my experience with crazylister as simple as I can. When I decided to start selling on eBay I made a huge research on articles and tools that may help me post my listings, improve my search results and finally achieve my goal which was to sell my products. During my research I found crazylister. I have to admit I was really skeptical at the beginning. The app was giving me tons of helpful tools and it was free. I started working with the crazylister and after 2 or 3 days and although I have finished my listings, I found myself experimenting. The things you can do with crazylister our bounded only by your imagination. Now two months later I feel a little bad against crazylister creators. My items are not many so I don’t need to buy their subscription (the full app is free for the first 10 items) and to tell you the truth I don’t want to erase the Crazylister logo from my listings. I really believe that showing the crazylister logo in my listings gives me “points”.

    If I have to find one negative thing about Crazylister is that the listings you build with the app are not responsive. According to Crazylister creators they are already working on it and soon it will be added to the crazylister app.

    PS. Crazylister is a powerful tool. I will repeat myself by saying that the only border that you have is your imagination. BUT it doesn’t stop there. Crazylister creators have a blog. Inside that blog hides a treasure of knowledge. Combining the Crazylister app and the blog knowledge is the ultimate tool to sell on eBay. Hurry up and take advantage of these two features. I am pretty sure that when they understand what they are giving for free they are going to change their minds.

    1. Reply from CrazyLister

      @Sweet Greek Alchemies Hey!
      I'm Max, co-founder at CrazyLister - I'm happy to announce that all our listings are responsive already and look great on any mobile device.
      In addition, we recently introduced the world's first and only editor for mobile eBay listings, you're more than welcome to check it our and share your opinion.


  • senato32

    Overall rating

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

    As the title says it's just simple and IT'S ENOUGH!
    It's just what any ebay seller needs to create a professional template by his own mind and creativity.

    I'm really enjoying every time I use it. 5 STARS !!!

  • StarScenes

    Overall rating

    I'm 100% in love with this ebay tool....

    Not only did Crazy Lister make my new ebay business look brand-spanking spectacular...

    But it was so easy to use; just drag and drop.

    And if you have any problems, you can chat directly with their very friendly, helpful team.

    Thank you so much Crazy Lister!!


  • shappo101

    Overall rating

    Not less than one of the best tools for eBay sellers

    I use the CrazyLister for about 11 months. For me there is the time before CrazyLister and the time after.
    For a beginner like me it was a real straggle to prepare a list. I tried it in so many ways and none was really friendly or a moderate answer to most of the features one need for an eBay list. Than I heard about CrazyLister and ever since any list is a piece of cake, especially in terms of efficiency. I think it reduced the time I put in any list by at least 70%. You've got there anything you need from design, through photos management to tabs presented in professional way.
    In short, if you are an eBay seller, do yourself a favor and get it asap !!!

  • tiptopgan

    Overall rating

    Great program. Recommended for every eBay seller.

    We use the program for 6 months now and it is really easy and intuitive.
    The designed listings significantly increased our conversion rate.
    Great Job Crazylister!

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