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Get Unsuspended is an Amazon suspension appeal service for all sellers but with particular expertise in arbitrage and wholesale business models.

They offer three different options:

Suspension Safeguard - a monthly subscription service to receive unlimited help when issues arise.
Suspension Assist - sellers are provided with information and templates to help prepare their own Plan of Action, for a one-time payment.
Suspension Pro - Get Unsuspended does all the reinstatement work, for a one-time payment. They write Plans of Action and provide everything the seller needs to send to Amazon.

Get Unsuspended offers a money-back guarantee if the appeal is unsuccessful.

  • Worldwide

Pricing & Trial

Suspension Safeguard US - $28.95 per month (subscription)
Suspension Assist US - $449 (one-time payment)
Suspension Pro US - $1,299 (one-time payment)
UK pricing also available.

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    Ease of Use

    Get Unsuspended has got me out of trouble twice in the last 6 months

    What were the positives?

    I have Suspension Safeguard insurance with my Buy Bot Pro subscription so I pay an extra £8 a month. I recently changed to a limited company and Amazon deactivated my account and I had to write a plan of action. Get Unsuspended walked me through the whole ordeal and advised me step by step what I needed to do. They guided me on how to write the plan of action and luckily for me they did, as I would not have written anything like what they advised. Amazon is a strange beast and they know how to tickle its belly and not aggravate it. Their customer service is second to known and they reply in speedy time.

    Any negatives?



    If you value your Amazon business then spend £2 a week on suspension safeguard added onto your Buy Bot Pro subscription, and if you don't have Buy Bot Pro then stop reading this review and go get it!!

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