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Return Fraud on Amazon and eBay: How Sellers Can Fight Back

By Melissa Cossack

From honest mistakes and casual opportunism to seller sabotage and deliberate scams, there’s nothing more frustrating than online return fraud.

Return Fraud on Amazon and eBay: How Sellers Can Fight Back

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LMAO, the local police in some buyer’s area is not going to take a complaint from someone (like a seller) who doesn’t live there. They will invariably instruct you (the seller) to file where you live. And the seller’s local cops won’t get into a he-Said, she-Said with some other department, several states away. Cops don’t get involved with this stuff at all.

william tolen

it happens to me all the time, and there’s NOTHING you can do about it because ebay will always automatically believe the buyer and ebay will just steal your money and give it to the fraudulent buyers. also, if you sell heavy items that are expensive to ship (like i do) the buyers know you will be reluctant to pay return shipping that costs as much or more than the item is worth (duh!) so they extort “partial” refunds “if you don’t give me back 80-90% of what i paid and let me keep the item, i will return the… Read more »


I was surprised that there was no mention of filing an IC3 (internet fraud report) online along with the police report. Although neither will actually produce any consequences for the fraudster the threat of filing both will deter a lot of people from committing fraud and eBay will usually reimburse you if you appeal the refund and can show that you filed both.

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