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CashCowPro includes a range of marketing, analytics and inventory features for Amazon sellers.

Report on sales data, track keywords, collect feedback and reviews, find profitable niches, monitor inventory, improve conversions and split test listing title, price, images and features.

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$99.70 per month or $997 per year

Trial Length: 10 days

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  • Mike F

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Terrible Company. No English Speaking Support, Questionable Billing

    What were the positives?

    There is nothing good about CCP. The software is good value for the money, i guess, but nothing works properly.

    Any negatives?

    The software itself is full of bugs and lacks basic functionality. The dev team is terrible and the support is even worse. My annual subscription started in January. i noticed in April that I was prompted to re-enter credit card info. After entering my credit card info, CCP charged me again for another full annual subscription. I was charged two annual subscription fees within 4 months... I emailed support and waited 7 days for a response or a refund. After no response, I simply issued a credit card chargeback for the second charge. Then, CCP sent a refund and I got locked out of my account. I emailed support again and the only response I could get came in broken english and I think they threatened to sue me? They said that they wouldn't be able to fix the problem for 1-6 months. lol.


    Absolutely terrible company. Bad technology. Questionable billing practices. Non-fluent english support."

  • harry007

    Overall rating

    Very buggy, not one part worked properly, appalling support

    Not one single part of this software worked properly. Support was absolutely appalling.
    Unfortunately a lot of the competitors are just as terrible. I wish I could recommend something that works well but everything I have tried has faults.
    However, cascowpro is just worthless in my experience. It has promise but just too buggy and support severely lacking.
    Not one single part of this software worked properly. Support was absolutely appalling.
    Not one single part of this software worked properly. Support was absolutely appalling.

  • more-junk-mail

    Overall rating


    I've just found out that valuelink a huge Shenzhen based Amazon sellers now own CASHCOWPRO, just google it + trademark and you will find it's true

    I wonder why they might want a database of sellers products?

    And why they might want to keep that a secret? apparently they bought the company earlier this year

    Valuelink are also the owners of AMZTRACKER the very popular software from a couple of years ago

    I'm glad I stopped using the software earlier this year, the customer support was terrible and it was very buggy

    1. Reply from CashCowPro


      Not sure where you get your info but 100% of the team that built it is 100% in control of running the product.

      We did do some cross marketing with other tools that were non competitive.

  • Jeannie Dhillon

    Overall rating

    No Customer Support

    I watched the youtube video about CCP and got very excited about the software and purchased it on the very same day.

    Since then I have been trying to get support to understand why many of the features are not updating/working as they are supposed to. I.e. the ROI is always showing 0%, chrome extension not working and also a few other features that are incorrect. I have sent several e-mails to CCP so far, but after a week have still not had a reply to even one of my e-mails.

    I am hoping I can get heard here and that someone will soon reply to my e-mails, as I still have hope (if the software works how they said it will), it will be a good one.

    Hope someone can get in touch soon.



  • MoBetta

    Overall rating


    Support is terrible. The messaging fails constantly. We are now in the middle of a launch and trying to get reviews and this program failed us yet again. All of the "test" emails worked. My outgoing messages show about a 4% success rate so this is ABSOLUTELY not in my Amazon settings as they keep claiming.

    We are in the process of trying to get a refund, however the 30 day trial has expired, so I am not hopeful. This program is a total fail and I feel ripped off.

    The only thing I can suggest they could have done better was make certain they had a WORKING program before going on webinars and pushing it out. GARBAGE


  • soulpawa

    Overall rating

    the worst program used ever

    so far, this is the worst program that I used in my life, with the worst customer service ever, avoid using this program, invest a good money with a solid product. Now you will understand why just costs $29,99, yeah, because is not working, so don't waste your time using a tool than it doesn't work, customer service is taking more than 7 days to answer, after my trial, they gave 2 months for free, because it was not working, and after 1 month for free, is still not working, what a shame. just my 5 cents.?

    1. Reply from CashCowPro


      Sorry to hear you say that!

      We have been working hard to make everything more reliable.

      Now we only get 10 tech related customer tickets a week from thousands of users, which means we have very few bugs.

      I would love for you to come back and try the software for a month for free

      Best of luck on Amazon!

  • vting71

    Overall rating

    Cashcow pro a total ****


    The support was bad on every level. For a start, their functionalities are not comparable to say Junglescout, but because I decided not to do amazon. I cancelled my cashcowpro subscription within a few days but four months on. They are still charging me credit card. Numerous emails were sent to them , they claimed that they cannot find my username anymore and their multi-million dollar system will not make a mistake! What a *** So, please please please, whatever ypu do, don't ever trust them with your credit card.

    1. Reply from CashCowPro


      Thanks for your comments

      It is not a scam. You changed your email address after a typo after signing up and STRIPE (multi billion USA based payment provider) could not locate your account.

      Wish you the best of luck on Amazon!

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