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AMZShark is a research toolkit for retailers and brand owners on Amazon.

AMZShark can provide daily sales, review alerts and sales predictions for any ASIN. Search result rank tracking allows split-testing of listing page changes.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

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$99 per month

Trial Length: 1 month

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites

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  • steventahoellc

    Overall rating

    Good alternative to AMZtracker

    Ive tried a few different amazon tools to help with keywords and sales metrics. Overall AMZshark has a good UI and a decent price structure. I really liked the niche scout tool as it was able to put up info on one page and allow me to decide if other niches were attractive targets. Also used the super url tool, even though it's unclear if they work anymore. Regardless, the software offers a very easy way to add a super url. Overall i've been impressed so far as it's been a fairly robust platform to aid in my Amazon selling.

  • Alex_vancity

    Overall rating

    Worst ever customer service

    I have decided to give a try for one month since it was 10 dollars to see how accurate it is. Numbers were not accurate to my point of view. For example, 366000 coffee rosters were sold in one month and other models, which are better were selling like 1 per day. I decided to canceled however after few month I saw a charge on my credit card of a 136 dollars, so I contacted customer service and was told that service was not canceled and I have to prove it. I said I canceled after a month and she can see when I log in last time. Caitlin said I didn't cancel and it's up to me if login and use it or not, moreover she said - we are a small business and it cost us money to keep an account open, she will cancel my payment only next month. I have posted my complain on their Facebook page, but they deleted it. Rip off company, very poor customer service

  • ayoung78

    Overall rating

    The best research tool for Amazon sellers

    I've tried several sales tracking tools and none compare to the accuracy and ease of AMZShark. Their interface is extremely user-friendly and they offer a wide range of features. Customer support is extremely helpful and prompt to respond to any questions I have. Since joining my sales have increased, as well as my awareness for the Seller Category my product is in. Highly recommend.

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