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Seller Labs combines Quantify, Scope, Feedback Genius and Ignite into one solution.

Seller Labs Pro can help Amazon sellers in four main areas - monitoring business performance, performing competitor research, managing customer communication and optimizing ad campaigns.

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From $49 per month.

Trial Length: 30 days

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  • Joseph Andersen

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    $360 in unused service fees not refunded

    What were the positives?

    In this particular case, none.

    Any negatives?

    Originally signed up for follow up emails services approximately 16 months ago. After the trial, they charge you each month without your knowledge until you cancel. Was unaware of this. This business was a side seller account with about 500 in it's reserve bank. It was an account we did not look at. Anyway, we reached out for a refund. They refused to give us some or all of the refund. This was disappointing since we did not use the service. They can see that on their end. Moreover, the service they were charging us for is not even something amazon allows. Follow up emails have been over with a long time ago. My partners and I were already unhappy with their services as it is. We decided to cancel our two other accounts with them. Those accounts paid them approximately 1300 per month.



  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use


    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    ALL was told that our their software could not pull the data on our products, so their product could not make suggestions on advertising budget. So after we canceled, they still charged us months after, during a pandemic mind you. Would not make a refund. Do not take a chance.


    not happy with company or service that was not provided.

  • Jane2

    Overall rating

    My favorite Tool

    Scope was having refresh issues, but they've fixed this and it works great! I love what Scope is able to do and I use this to evaluate my competition daily.

    Its a great benchmark when you are really looking at going into another category. Its clearly a big YAY or NAY when you are doing your research here.

    Another helpful tip are the Amazon fee's which they help calculate without putting in a generic listing to "guestimate". Its pretty accurate and gives you an idea of what fees you need to keep in mind.

    Overall 5 stars in my book.

  • maniplus

    Overall rating

    Updated: Good with footnotes

    After I complained to customer service several times and informed them I am going to go nuclear, they put me in touch with decision maker to reach out to me and explain / try to sort out the issues.

    Service is reliable. Dashboard has some info that could be presented better and according to this new contact, this time they are really working on it.

    Setting up is easy and emails do go out without violating Amazon's TOS which is great.

    Wish they provided an easier way to provide them with feedback.

  • Someone

    Overall rating


    I used to love this tool, as I wrote a few very high-converting SEO listings based on the kw from Scope.

    However, recently it stopped working. It doesn't refresh the keywords, no matter how many times you press refresh. Completely useless. I wish I could leave a zero stars review.

    So, if you want to throw away 400 USD, buy it, then you can look at 10-months old lists of keywords that you can't refresh no matter how hard you try. You can then contact their support, which is completely unhelpful, but knows how to copy/paste empty words and feed them to you without moving a finger to solve the problem.


  • united worldwidex express llc

    Overall rating

    Do not recommend

    I wish I could give them 1 star.
    Their customer service is the worst customer service I ever experienced.
    They did a price match on the solution - however, there was an overcharge on my account. Their representative told me they would credit me a 1 month free subscription - however they did not.

    I asked them to contact me 4 times. Nobody contacted me.

    Finally, when I let them know that I would dispute the charge - the showed my from nowhere.

    They kept promising me again about granting a credit - However I requested to issue me a refund.

    They lost respect and trust. stay away from this solution. There are many much developed solution with much better customer service unlike genius feedback from seller lab.

    Do not recommend anyone using them.

  • seller-labs-suck

    Overall rating

    Service didn't send emails for 3 months.

    I use it for Amazon to send out emails to our customers about product. After setting everything up, I just left it there. Their token expired for 3 months but they didn't send out any alerts or warnings that they weren't able to send out emails through Amazon and yet kept charging the monthly billed amount. So much for an "automated" email service. When I contacted them about it, they said it was not their fault and refused to credit for the months inactive when they rendered no service to us. Do not know how to do business.

  • Sam234

    Overall rating

    Integration is so slow

    What were the positives?

    Tracking the delivery option is good in this product. The interface is also nice to understand.

    Any negatives?

    Initial integration could be better. It took so long to send messages for Merchant fulfilled products.


    The support is not really responsive. It looks like they are very busy. And they do not work on evenings. Who is working during day time for Amazon online business? They should give service until 11pm at least.

  • admin577

    Overall rating

    Scope - The Worst of The Worst

    If I could press - ( minus) 5 stars review I would. Even 1 star is stretching. This is the worst tool that I have ever used. Accuracy of the tool is below the human intelligence, you would actually need to get an exam of stupidity to make a sense of this tool. The data scraping that this tool does is awful, there is no context of the scaping and looks like someone had 5 minutes time on their hands and put something together to sell.
    So here is an example:

    We were tracking our product, which has 7 reviews all 5 stars and yet Scope is showing us that we have zero reviews with rating of 4.3 stars, so how can zero reviews be translated in 4.3 stars, only Scope would know that.

    Keywords accuracy is a joke, not even one relevant keyword in Scope is in close proximity relevant to our product yet apparently we generate an estimated sale of 29 (sales) for a keyword "perfect vegan bar" while we are selling beauty products.

    The only one thing that Scope did get right is category, there estimates are off for about 99% and their inaccuracy rate of results is 100%...

    So to conclude if you are looking for keywords research tool stay away from Scope, your money would be better spend on anything else but this awful tool. IMO is not worth 99 cents because the category you can find it yourself.

    Their support is non responsive if you have any questions that are not flattering to the tool and their free trial will show you 3 keywords...

    So to conclude, if you wanna get your listing suspended, suppressed
    and highly irelavant and tanked, then yes you wanna spend +$300 to get a Scope, but if your IQ is above 10 I would stay away from it.

  • Jason Ho

    Overall rating

    Good functions but company customer service is very poor.

    Was under the impression that messages carry over because it literally has text on the same page that claims that it does so I paid for the 60,000 messages instead of the 10,000 - thinking that I get a good deal.

    After I paid for the second month and noticed that the messages do not carry over, I immediately contacted them. Please note that I used 30,000 messages in the 3 months of working with them. I did not request a complete refund- all I requested was if they can l can pay for the 10,000 / month plan for those months because I was misled.

    They tell me no and after tons of explaining and raising my voice, they decided to refund me $190 out of the $340 that I paid (where the hell is my other $150?). You guys run a SUBSCRIPTION business and providing a loyal customer a refund for your website's poorly written pricing pace costs you NOTHING. Why would you make an honest customer upset like this when you know that the lifetime value of our subscription is so much more valuable?

  • yoavraichel

    Overall rating

    Finally a service that actually works with real results!

    I have tested for a lengthy periods several 3rd party software that specialize with email follow up for the purpose of enhancing feedback response.

    This is the only one that actually works! The work with other companies has yielded very little to nothing so I was skeptical trying again. I did believe that the content of our emails is good as well as the timing so that didn't seem to be the issue.

    I have been working with Feedback Genius for few months and it actually works! I am seeing that customers are receiving the emails and responding back which is great.

    On top of functionality their customer service is amazing!

    Highly recommended!

  • 7shtate

    Overall rating

    Well Done Guys!!!

    This message is for Jeff Cohen. I definitely want to give both your company and Michael a FIVE STAR REVIEW!!
    MICHAEL has been most outstanding in his customer service! He has gone far beyond the "call of duty." More than once he has called me to resolve an issue, and see my 2nd account begin to send emails. Tonight I found out that he was AT HOME and calling me to make sure my issue was resolved. I have never known a customer service rep. who would take a service this far. I can not say enough about how impressed I am with Michael and his service to me, and your company, which I am rapidly growing to love!

    Your service has taken all the time and worry out of personally sending emails one by one to my customers, and I can still relate to customers on a personal level if needed or wanted! I have become more free with my time, and am growing my companies in brand new ways! I would highly recommend your service to anyone, as it is dependable, and well...Genius!

    I hope you get this Jeff. Great job guys!


  • ScarfKing

    Overall rating

    Lovin' it!

    Feedback Genius radically improved my feedback on the 'zon. Their pricing allows small sellers to get started at very low cost and gradually grow their business. Now they are live on European marketplaces, too.
    Always excellent customer service. Great product!

    1. Reply from Seller Labs

      @ScarfKing Thanks! We appreciate you as a customer.

  • Domoing Commerce

    Overall rating

    Simply the best! Love FeedbackGenius

    Very simple and very affordable! Makes it a breeze to email thousands of customers a month and not waste man hours. Everyone should be using this. Hands down!


  • MiniOwls

    Overall rating

    Outstanding customer service.

    I'm a very satisfied customer. FeedbackGenius is an excellent tool which allows me hassle free follow up with all customers. Also it was very simple to set it up. But the most important they have Outstanding customer service.

  • Dormax Supplies

    Overall rating

    New to Amazon, even newer to Feedback Genius - Happy Happy

    Cost --- Very reasonable
    Getting Started --- not difficult at all
    Results --- Better than expected

    All of our sales are FBA and we had not developed good communication practices with our customers. We weren't having many problems, but were not getting feedback either.

    A few days after signing up with Feedback Genius, the messages started to go out to our customers. Positive feedback started to follow. One response was an unhappy customer over some shipping damage. We were able to respond quickly and that complaint (because it was written to us) never became a negative or a claim. Even knowing it was due to shipping and not our action that we would not have been held responsible, we were happy to be able to handle the issue in less than two hours from start to finish..

    What we receive is good, consistent and effective communication with our customers. The benefits to us are time savings, improved metrics with Amazon and a higher level of customer service. Any one of these justify the cost.

    There are a lot of people that sell services to Amazon sellers. This is one of only two we've found to be worthwhile.

  • joelb

    Overall rating

    A must have tool for Amazon Sellers

    Such a great service for reminding our customers to leave product reviews! Great customization, intuitive, and easy to use. Love it!

  • ajdubb

    Overall rating

    I would give it a thousand stars if I could!

    Before I started using Feedback Genius I was getting 1-2 reviews a week on my products. Knowing reviews had an impact on my sales I researched a few different tools to help me get that number up. Feedback Genius was head-and-shoulders better than every other tool on the market. I was super easy to get set up. In my first week I went from 1-2 reviews to almost 20. This has had a major factor in a substantial increase in sales.

  • tai

    Overall rating

    Feedback Genius Rocks!

    I've used Feedback Genius for almost a year now and I love the service and the guys who created it. I initially started using the service to help improve my seller rating on Amazon. After a few months I noticed that my rating had increased due to more positive feedback left from customers. I like that the service notifies you as soon as someone leaves a negative review so that you can address it right away. I also like that they have statistics to see when most of your emails are opened so that you can make adjustments as to when you send out your customer emails. You can also add attachments to the emails to send customers a free e-book, a bonus, further instructions etc. Overall I highly recommend the Feedback Genius and the customer service is excellent as well.


  • lyle

    Overall rating

    FeedbackGenius is a "Must Have" Service!!

    Any professional seller needs Feedback Genius to maximize, optimize, manage, and streamline valuable feedback from their customers.

    This is a progressive company very experienced in online sales and has a wealth of knowledge they're using to help sellers in multiple channels.

    As a prior online business consultant, I would highly recommend using this company's feedback service as well as keeping a close eye on their developing products.

    Now, as president of a national company, I've experienced the importance and reliability of using Feedback Genius. With today's competitive online marketplace, we need every cost effective tool like this we can acquire.

    Lyle W. Place II
    Natural Brands Companies

  • paskoul

    Overall rating

    Works like a Charm

    I've never had any issues since I started using it. All follow up emails are delivered on scheduled.
    I'm very happy with it.

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